News – FR – Separatism: “This text is still very liberticidal”, estimates Esther Benbassa


The bill confirming respect for the principles of the Republic, or bill on “separatism”, is still being examined in first reading by the Senate A majority on the right, the Luxembourg Palace continues to toughen the text A series of measures concerning the university, aiming in particular to prohibit “prayers in the corridors”, was introduced into the text and the LR majority voted an amendment to ban the wearing of the veil in official national sports competitions If the deputies will be able to reconsider these provisions in the continuation of the shuttle, the ecological senator Esther Benbassa nevertheless denounces a stigmatization of Muslims via this text of law, even “a relentlessness” At the microphone of Europe 1, she explains herself”I’m talking about this relentlessness because this text is still very liberticidal”

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“I am for liberal secularism as it was conceived by Aristide Briand and other politicians who have chosen an inclusive version (sic)”, she continues “She included the believers by telling them: ‘there are limits, we must not exceed them’ I am not for the rewriting of the law of 1905 and I find that this text rewrites the law “, she denounces “He puts cults under pressure I have received letters from the Bishop of Reims, from the Protestants, who say they are placed under guardianship and that the consequences will be difficult for them too and not only for Muslims “

The senator mentions in particular a sentence in the text, as soon as the reasons for the law are explained: “A communalist entryism, insidious but powerful, is slowly destroying the foundations of our society in certain territories This entryism is essentially of Islamist inspiration”This sentence, as it is written, contributes to the confusion, according to the senator

“In the minds of the French, there is an amalgam This sentence comes after what Frédérique Vidal, Minister of Higher Education, said, who spoke of ‘Islamogauchism which plagues research at the university’ We stay in these words “, laments Esther Benbassa

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“I hope that the Muslims of France will be able, after these debates, to still live their Islam quietly as the majority doNobody defends Islamism, I’ll be the last We all want to fight terrorism, of course But there is a shift which is problematic “, adds the senator

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News – FR – Separatism: “This text is nevertheless very liberticidal”, estimates Esther Benbassa
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