News – FR – Serge Gainsbourg, the 1989 river interview: â € œIn the line of sight, I didnâ € ™ t have happinessâ €?


Serge Gainsbourg â ???? Â I do not know nostalgia I have a faculty of forgetting It is, I believe, a quality She is voluntary: there are episodes that I wanted to erase from my life There were incidents, especially on the sentimental level My first memory is musical This is my father at the piano I had to hear it when I was still inside my motherâ ?? ¦ He played Scarlatti, Bach, Chopin, Gershwin, Cole Porter, Irving Berlin My first initiation Later he put himself on the piano, on the classical piano At the TSF, as it was called at the time, we only listened to classical My father used to do it for fun, but because of his profession he was obliged to play the Rhapsody in Blue, etc. That I tried, but I never could, I didn’t have enough technique

Ah no, it was unthinkable in the days of Stalinism, we couldn’t have a correspondence The homeland, is FranceThe city that I love the most in the world is Paris And the most beautiful language, the one that I master the best, is French My dad learned Russian, I understood Cyrillic culture, I could read Gorky, but forgotI understood what my parents were saying

Oh no! (smile) I had a handkerchief on the left of the keyboard, because I knew full well that every lesson I was going to get yelled at I was making a wrong note on the scales and… He had a pretty rough voice, I was hurt, I started to cry But he was a good teacher His ambition was to make me do what he wanted to do: paint

There is an incredible but believable story, since he was the one who told it to me He was in the Trans-Siberian, he had painted the portrait of a woman he had loved He dozed off and we stole this web He then vowed never to touch a feather or a brush again It seems absurd, but it is very Slavic So he said: “This is my pale guy who will take overâ ????

What was your first reaction to music and painting? Immediate appeal?

Immà © diatâ ?? ¦ The trilogy with music, painting and tales by Perrault, Grimm, Andersen Then, a little later, poetry with Rimbaud and literature with Baudelaire, the translations of Poe A little later, Huysmansâ ?? ¦ Afterwards, it was instinctive, a personal approach My fatherâ € ™ s development stopped at Schumann, Debussy, Ravel, and I continued with Stravinsky, Schönberg, Alban Bergâ ?? ¦ In jazz, the shock will be Billie Holiday, whom I adored For me, it’s unmatched

And then, one day, at the TSF, I had a crush on Gillespie: Â it was the be-bop I found it remarkable The greatest genius there is, on the piano, is Art Tatum But I couldn’t match it, I had a pretty weak left hand I was playing well As a bar pianist I had a certain touch, even though I didn’t have the mind-blowing left hand of Art Tatum or Count Basie. As a lyricist Cole Porter is the greatest for me Although Ira Gershwin, George’s brother, he’s not bad either

There was already an assumption about being called Ginzburg They always checked this name, under the pretext of making it clear that they knew my origins That pissed me off That’s why I added the â ???? aâ ???? later. and the â ???? oâ ???? It gave Gainsbourg, otherwise it was Jinzburg, Jinzberg, well it was whatever But it hurt me, because I felt like a little immigrantAnd a Jew in addition

No, no, I was lonely from early childhood I was playing alone in my corner It was my nature, I was already a misanthrope

Oh no! I remember a dazzling moment on a beach in Deauville or Biarritz, where my father was playing in the summer casinos â € “ it was before the paid holidays So we were privileged: little children, my sisters and I, who went to the resorts, like rich kids And there is a little girl â ???? I must have been 7 or 8 years old We had an exchange of looks that I will never forget It was of great purity

I remember this little, very cute With, in musical background, a song of Trenet diffused on the beach by loudspeakers: â ???? I have your hand in my hand, which plays with your fingers, jâ ???? have my eyes in my eyes and all over the distanceâ € ”â ?? ¦ Here, on this song I see this little girl I didn’t have any friends I loved the company of older men Later, I was friends with an old man who had a Victor Hugo face, who was a poet in exile, in Franco’s time â € œMy daddy boy, if you want to introduce yourself to poetry, you have to learn English, German, Russian you know, you have to read poetry in your languageâ ????

It was a sublime affection, my momâ ?? ¦Â On Thursdays, we had the right to go to the bakery to buy a cakeâ ?? ¦Â (smile)  And my father said to me: â ???? Don’t cross alone (that was in the time of the communal), ask us to take you through“So I was asking, looking up:“ Sir, can you take me across the street? ” And the gentleman was saying: “Of course, my little boy” â ?? ¦ (smile)  It was rue Chaptal, in the 9th districtIt’s amazing, because the Authors’ Society was a few hundred yards away Premonition Did I tell you about my interview with Frà © hel? I was rue Chaptal and I had the cross of honor â ???? I was a good student back then

Cross of honor, so navy blue jacket with a red border Frà © hel lived near rue Chaptal, so she passed in the street One day my dad shows it to me through the window and says: â € œYou see, sheâ € ™ s the greatest realistic singerâ ????  I saw a species of heap eaten in a floral bathrobe, a Pekingese under each armpit and the gigolo at a regulatory distance, fifteen meters away One day I come back with this cross of honor and Frà © hel sees me She runs her hand through my hair: You’re a good daddy guy, and you’re gonna take a hit with meâ ????  It was in 1936, 1937, I was 8 years old We sat on the terrace, she took a red balloon and gave me what we called a grenadine diabolo These are images which come from distant years, but which remain fixed in my memory like photographic plates Already premonition of my career

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News – FR – Serge Gainsbourg, the river interview of 1989: Â â ???? mire, I didnâ € ™ t have happinessâ €?
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