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“The Dark Knight: The Dark Knight”, released in 2008, met with staggering success in theaters If Heath Ledger’s performance as Joker traumatized more than one, a cast member revealed they were not spared

The Dark Knight is the second installment in the trilogy directed by Christopher Nolan A record-breaking feature film, the film took to the top of the box office around the world To give you an idea, in North America, The Dark Knight made $ 67.17 million in a single day!

Spectators and fans of the Nolan trilogy notably praise the impeccable performance of the talented Christian Bale In this second opus, the one who lends his features to Bruce Wayne faces a new enemy, and not the least A new threat hangs over Gotham: that of the Joker, a most talented atypical criminal Wayne has to face this opponent With the help of Commissioner James Gordon and prosecutor Harvey Dent, the billionaire will do everything to thwart his enemy’s plans

It’s comedian Heath Ledger who lends his features to the Joker, but it almost turned out otherwisePaul Bettany, Jude Law, Steve Carell and Mark Hamill were notably approached for this coveted role Ledger succeeds Jack Nicholson, previous interpreter of the Joker in the cinema in the adaptation of Tim Burton

To become this oh so complex and tortured character, Heath Ledger spared nothing The actor thus remained locked up for long weeks in a hotel room, completely cut off from the outside world. There, he built step by step the gestures and the intonations of the monster he was about to embody Day after day, the Australian wrote down in a small notebook what he thought of the evolution of his preparation At the death of the actor, many linked his death to the role he had just played Yet, if we are to believe the words of one of the actor’s sisters at The Telegraph, in 2017, the parallel is utterly absurd.

I was extremely shocked He had a great sense of humor and I guess only his family and friends know that, but he was having fun He wasn’t depressed about the Joker!

What is certain is that the performance of the late Heath Ledger forever marked his eclectic filmography as well as a generation of spectators

But beware, they were not the only ones to feel a certain fright when they discovered the comedian face! On the set of The Dark Knight, an actor kept a special memory of his meeting with the Joker Shortly after the end of filming, Michael Caine (Alfred Pennyworth) indeed confided in WENN and revealed a crisp anecdote

The no longer featured British comedian had never met Heath Ledger before That day, the actors were rehearsing the scene in which the Joker arrives at Batman’s apartment and trashes everything in its path.

I had not seen him, I had never met him and he comes screaming I did “wow”

Such a shock for Michael Caine that he remembers forgetting his lines! The interpreter of Alfred admitted that he thought, before this meeting with great pomp, that it was impossible to “surpass” the performance of his friend Jack Nicholson After the fact, Michael Caine readily confided that what Heath Ledger had proposed was poles apart from Nicholson’s Joker, but also played well For him, the Australian was just terrifying in Joker!

As great an actress as she can be, Juliette Binoche, on the other hand, has less talent for handling social networks A new release on Instagram has just proven it In a very particular style, she expresses her incomprehension of not having been nominated for the César 2021

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News – FR – The Dark Knight on TMC: when Heath Leadger frightened an actor in the film – CinéSéries
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