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After the Joker, Batman faces terrorists led by the dreaded and imposing Bane in “The Dark Knight Rises” If the past of this antagonist brilliantly played by Tom Hardy is partially revealed in the film, Christopher Nolan deprived viewers of a major scene in his evolution.

Eight years after Harvey Dent’s death, calm reigns in Gotham Batman is missing and is held responsible for the death of the prosecutor Bruce Wayne lives holed up in his mansion while his business goes bankrupt. In this context of fragile peace, a new threat emerges, personified by Bane After the chaos wreaked by the Joker, this former excommunicated member of the League of Shadows distils terror with precision through the streets of the megalopolis, dreaming of completing the unfinished work of his mentor Ra’s Al Ghul Enough to convince the Dark Knight to reappear…

This is how The Dark Knight Rises begins, concluding Christopher Nolan’s epic trilogy in which Christian Bale dons the Batman costume for the last time In this blockbuster, released in 2012, the superhero faces off against massive Tom Hardy determined to see “the flame rise” In addition to the usual supporters played by Michael Caine, Gary Oldman and Morgan Freeman, Bruce Wayne can count on the help of the thief Selina Kyle, played by Anne Hathaway, for this grand finale, as well as that of a young cop incarnate. by Joseph Gordon-Levitt Marion Cotillard, Ben Mendelsohn and Matthew Modine complete this wonderful cast

While viewers can rely only on his impressive voice and particularly expressive gaze, Tom Hardy is by no means eclipsed by the other members of this prestigious cast On the contrary, the actor is one of the strengths of The Dark Knight Rises, playing on heavy body language, serious speech and an ability to switch from one emotion to another with the majority of his face hidden under a mask, as he proves in a masterly way from the introduction After his transformations for Bronson and Warrior, the British star gains 13 pounds of muscle to appear believable in Bane’s skin

Last December, during his stint on the Happy Sad Confused podcast, Christopher Nolan ardently defended the performance of the actor he also directed in Inception and Dunkirk The filmmaker declares:

What he (Tom Hardy, note) did with this character has not yet been fully appreciated It’s an amazing performance, and truly amazing The voice, the relation between the simple fact of seeing the eyes and the forehead We had many discussions about the mask, what it would reveal and what it would not reveal. I remember he put his finger to his temple and said, “I wanna play with this Leave only that visible ” It’s really a performance

The events that caused Bane’s injuries are partially evoked through flashbacks in The Dark Knight Rises If we glimpse his past in the prison where he locks Bruce Wayne after defeating him, a key scene in his evolution has been cut in the edit In a 2012 interview with GQ, costume designer Lindy Hemming said:

You should have seen during this sequence Bane injured in his youth The basis, with his costume, is that he has this scar on his back Even if he is not wearing a bulletproof jacket, he must always wear the posture belt and suspenders In this scene in prison, where he learns to fight the same way Batman learned, he wears a primitive version of his posture belt (…) There is a whole section where we see Tom Hardy fighting and being attacked by people He wears chains and is on a wooden thing as people attack him In this scene, he’s wearing a DIY, more primitive version of his mask

Christopher Nolan therefore chose to deprive spectators of the “birth” of Bane’s costume A decision that preserves the mystery and aura of the character

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News – FR – The Dark Knight Rises on TMC: this key scene on the evolution of Bane cut Editing – CinéSéries
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