News – FR – The Viking Rollo on television: three good reasons to watch the France 3 documentary


Exiled Viking, Rollo became the founder of Normandy He is in the spotlight on France 3, Monday February 22, 2021, with an unpublished documentary “In the footsteps of the first Normand” For 52 minutes not to be missed Why ? We take stock

Monday February 22, go to France 3 “in the footsteps of the first Norman”, for an original documentary on the Viking Rollo Here are three good reasons not to miss this meeting

When we talk about the history of Normandy, the name of William the Conqueror is essential “But, before him, there is the emblematic but little-known character of Rollo”, tells the director and co-writer (with Stéphane Miquel) of the documentary “Rollon, in the footsteps of the first Norman”

The reason is simple: “There is very little information on Rollo and the story is older than that of William [9th century for one, 11th for the other, editor’s note] But, we were able to have access to a manuscript written by Canon Dudon de Saint-Quentin and that the Villon library in Rouen allowed us to consult. “With the historian Pierre Bouet, Alban Vian discovered the fascinating story of this man” banished from Norway and come to the lands of France to build a new territory: Normandy Rollo is at the origin of the first dukes of Normandy William the Conqueror is also of his lineage! ”

Spend almost an hour with a still camera on historians? Very little for Alban Vian! His documentary is more of a docu-fiction with actors replaying some major events To energize, give rhythm to the story and also for a practical reason … “Obviously, when you look at this period, you are not likely to find period videos, jokes the director! But besides that, out of the manuscript, we had hardly any other things to film than these pages! ”

It is then a question of sticking to the historical reality while leaving to the actors the possibility of expressing their feelings: “In this story, there is a lot of tension, in particular with between Rollo, the king of France and Robert of Neustria who all have different objectives ”, summarizes Alban Vian

Alban Vian is from Rouen and has already looked at the history of Normandy on several occasions (“Les fantômes de la Manche”, one of these previous documentaries, is to be seen) and he appealed, almost exclusively, to Norman talents to tell this story Even in the voiceover, since it is the actor Philippe Torreton who narrates the Viking journey: “I thought of him right away but I did not know how to contact him I finally got his email and sent him a message detailing the project. Five minutes later, he called me back to tell me he was excited! “, Enthuses Alban Vian

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France 3, Rollo

News – FR – The Viking Rollo on television: three good reasons to watch the France 3 documentary
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