News – FR – The Voice: a new season under the sign of scandal and discrimination?


For 15 days and with each broadcast of The Voice 2021, a new controversy has erupted Back on the last two, against the backdrop of anti-abortion or homophobic discourse

The Voice is one of the musical shows that we find and enjoy year after year Coaches make it possible to represent the musical tastes of a good part of the Frenches in their plurality, as well as the services of the candidateses Some are more noticed than others, but not always for good reasons Back on two consecutive controversies of the 2021 season

Saturday February 13, 2021, in the middle of the other performances, a candidate proposes a slam Risk taking for the tele-hook, not used to this type of music, with the added bonus of a composition by the candidate on a sensitive theme Indeed, young Tarik chose to talk about abortion Bingo: Vianney is moved to tears But if other artists, like Anne Sylvestre in “No you don’t have a name”, brilliantly evoked abortion in song, for some of the audience, Tarik’s performance flopped

Abortion of your own child is a heartbreaking, terrible and scary time There are other solutions Powerful moment in #TheVoice 🔽 pictwittercom / 2UjdUurFXe

Indeed, the young man takes up in his song a whole rhetoric used by those opposed to the Voluntary Pregnancy Interruption The character of the mother speaks to her child by calling him “my son” and by imagining all the things that they could have done together, she defines herself as her mother … It therefore seems important to recall a fact: if “none woman does not resort to abortion cheerfully “, as Simone Weil said, in most cases, women assume to terminate their pregnancy, a decision well considered In France, the procedure requires two different medical consultations. In addition, a study conducted in the United States and published in January 2020 found that most women did not regret their decision.
If this slam does not blame women head-on, one can wonder whether an artist wants to talk at all costs about an operation that he will never have to go through, as a cis man What need to emphasize, in a popular program moreover, on the guilt related to the exercise by women of their freedom to dispose of their bodies? No wonder the song has since been rerun with enthusiasm by an anti-abortion association.

Saturday February 20, new blind auditions Among the performances, that of Vincent dit The Vivi, who interprets a text by singer Orelsan on the production’s proposal The public is on fire, as are the conquered coaches who always turn around.yous But again, it blocks for part of the public Logical: already at the time of its release in 2011, the text had been controversial and deemed homophobic by many homosexual people The rapper retorted that this song is about “someone who is bad about himself, and who reflects the hatred he has against all the others.”This is also the position of Vianney, coach chosen by the candidate, after the new scandal that this performance has sparked

Some people seem to discover “Suicide Social”, a song by a wonderful artist who denounces the clichés of this worldThank you to those who understood this & text my intentions, respectful of allA little height makes you happier, and allows you to hear better 💚❤️💙

However, if the song does indeed hit everyone, pushing down a social minority will always have a much more serious impact than making fun of people who are less / not discriminated against, and will only fuel discrimination. already very violent Not to mention that Internet users were quick to come out with tweets written by Vincent when he was 17: racist and homophobic messages If The Vivi has since apologized, the production preferred to dismiss it on Monday February 22
This is not the first time that a candidate has been questioned for his digital traces: in 2018, Mennel left the adventure following a controversy over unearthed tweets It was out of the question for internet users that The Vivi would be treated differently

After two acts rich in twists and turns, we are now waiting for the rest: what does the tele-hook have in store for us? Will the musical competition lose its status as a Sunday night family entertainment to become a fountain of controversy? So far, she has revealed talented artists: Kendji Girac, Louane, Amir, Camille Lellouche or the Fréro Delavaga This season, The Voice has also allowed artists far from the mainstream to enter the light, such as Papa Drag and his pumps, which seduced the jury. Or the young Lara, who delivered a very nice tribute to her city of Beirut, partially destroyed in August 2020 by a chemical explosion

#TheVoice The STRONG message from @Papa_Drag after his performance 💪💪💪To relive his performance, meet here ▶ ️ https: // tco / AqNHWTD3P7 pictwittercom / Y3FAsYVCAX

Soon 10 years that the show has also accumulated good audiences, and brings together a good part of France She should not turn her back on the one who has long been silenced (women, people of color, LGBTQI ) and who, thanks to social networks, now has the power to express themselves

“Goodbye repressed, overexcited lesbians Who seek in their femininity, a reason to exist Who would like me to believe that being straight is the old way To prove that you are not homophobic, you will soon have to suck guys »Mediocre bunch, I don’t like you https: // tco / eAXKVHsS67

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News – FR – The Voice: a new season under the sign of scandal and discrimination?