News – FR – TV program of February 22, 2021: “The Adventurers of the Lost Ark” on W9, “The Adventures of Baron de Münchhausen” on France 5, “The Dark Knight Rises” on TMC – Fémin Actu


TV program of February 22, 2021 What to watch tonight on TV in the first part of the evening? Here is our selection of the day, a 100% cine selection tonight “The adventurers of the Lost Ark” are to be relived on W9, for young and old alike “The adventures of Baron de Münchhausen” are to (re) discover on France 5, and finally for superhero lovers, go to TMC for “The Dark Knight Rises”

Cult saga if it is, W9 offers yet another rerun of Steven Spielberg’s film “Raiders of the Lost Ark” with Harrison FORD, Karen ALLEN or Paul FREEMAN

The Story: In 1936, while searching for a sacred idol in the Peruvian jungle, Indiana Jones narrowly escapes an ambush Once again a university professor of archeology, Jones is commissioned to retrieve Ra’s medallion, held by his former “fiancée”, Marion Ravenwood, now owner of a bar deep in Nepal This Egyptian object would reveal the secret place where the Ark of the Covenant is located But Hitler and his henchmen are also seeking to recover this object with extraordinary powers. Marion and Indiana then embark on an incredible quest across the world to find the mysterious Ark of the Covenant before the Nazis, while surviving poison, traps, snakes and treachery …

Indiana Jones, you know the story Relive the legend! 😍 #LesAventuriersDelArchePerdue, it’s 2105! peaktwittercom / caXhiePJFK

Appointment from 9:05 pm on W9 or live and streaming via the direct function of 6PLAY / W9

On France 5 replay of Terry Gilliam’s film “The Adventures of Baron de Münchhausen” with Uma Thurman, Oliver Reed, John Neville or even Ray Cooper

The story: For Baron Münchhausen, times are tough and even his handsome officer’s uniform cannot hide the fact that he mostly earns his living by telling stories In the countryside, in an inn, he meets Frieda, a child artist of the St. Petersburg circus who claims most seriously that he is his father. Münchhausen goes out of his way to disabuse her, but fails

Very different style on TMC with for fans of the genre, the replay of the superhero film “The Dark Knight Rises” with of course: Christian Bale (Batman / Bruce Wayne) and Joseph Gordon-Levitt (Blake) in the main roles

The Story: For the past eight years, Batman, aka Bruce Wayne, has taken responsibility for the death of Harvey Dent Eight years that, reclusive in his mansion, he has not put on his tunic, eight years that Commissioner Gordon has worked to eradicate crime in Gotham, eight years still that the silence surrounding the death of the prosecutor is preserved … But the The apparent tranquility in which Gotham has been plunged for all these years suddenly comes to an end when Bane, nicknamed the man in the mask, appears with the firm intention of annihilating the city Bruce Wayne must then resume his vigilante activities…

Of the adversaries Batman has had to fight, Bane is one of the fiercest Christian Bale has even declared that he is facing an enemy who is superior to him for the first time! #TheDarkKnightRises pictwittercom / qQ4gvDsjMm

➡️ “I promise you” on TF1 (Série- unpublished)
➡️ “I just wanted to go home” on France 2 (Telefilm – rebroadcast)
➡️ “Cauchemar en cuisine” on M6 (Magazine – rerun)

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News – FR – TV program of February 22, 2021: “The Raiders of the Lost Ark” on W9, “The Adventures of Baron de Münchhausen” on France 5, “The Dark Knight Rises” on TMC – Fémin Actu
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