News – FR – TV Program: The Dark Knight, the Dark Knight, La Faille… what to watch on TV tonight?


The blockbuster The Dark Knight, The Dark Knight is to follow at 9:15 pm on TMC At war on crime, with the help of police lieutenant Jim Gordon and prosecutor Harvey Dent, Batman, the vigilante of the night, will find him facing an extraordinary criminal: the sinister Joker who sows chaos and destruction. terror in Gotham City… “The Dark Knight” pits the bat-man, always impeccably interpreted by Christian Bale, against an anthological villain in the person of the Joker to whom the late Heath Ledger brings all the facets of his talent Dark, complex and intense, “The Dark Knight” may well be one of the best superhero movies ever to be made

At 9:05 p.m. France 3 offers the thriller La Faille Brilliant mind, old Ted Crawford, an aeronautical tycoon, coldly shoots his wife to punish her for her infidelity Arrest, detailed confession: case closed? This is without the Machiavellian plan hatched by the inmate, as affable as he is devious … Skillfully put together, the plot is not stingy in twists and turns Ideal for keeping under tension the psycho-judicial duel between Anthony Hopkins and Ryan Gosling, their intimate conviction does not suffer any objection. And ignore the slight drops in tempo: the only flaw in this almost perfect thriller

TF1 set at 9:05 pm on the continuation of the series I promise you The Gallo family are planning to spend the day at the beach Parents will have to stick together in front of the children who will not give them any respite Michaël and Mathis are forced to spend an evening together, which could be explosive For their part, Tanguy and Maud take stock after two months of drastic diet, while Agnes spends an evening alone with Amadou This one makes him revelations that will have important repercussions for the whole family

“I feel like I’m betraying Jack…”: “I promise” doesn’t appeal to “This is us” fans

Finally at 9:05 pm on France 2 we watch the continuation of the series The adventures of young Voltaire The plot against the Regent turns against the Duchess of Maine Voltaire, naive and conceited, almost being killed by a police informer Her love life is divided between an actress and a wealthy marquise While death touches his friend Génonville, she comes close to Voltaire dangerously However, he returned to writing, returned to favor at the court despite the hostility of the young Louis XV, but risked losing everything by defending a cause and a man.

REPLAY – The Adventures of Young Voltaire: 3.2 million viewers for the new historic series of France 2

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News – FR – TV program: The Dark Knight, the dark knight, La Faille… what to watch on tv tonight?
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