News – FR – Update on changes in recommendations in Paris: Gecina, Hermès, Air France-KLM


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February 22 (Reuters) – Main changes in recommendations and / or course targets recorded Monday in Paris

* GECINA GFCPPA – JP Morgan downgrades its recommendation to “neutral” against “overweight” and lowers its price target to 130 euros against 150 euros; Morgan Stanley lowers its price target to 120 euros against 130 euros

* HERMES HRMSPA – Morgan Stanley raises its price target to 945 euros against 860 euros; Citigroup raises its price target to 1010 euros against 899 euros; Deutsche Bank raises its price target to 700 euros against 600 euros; Bryan Garnier raises his price target to 790 euros against 710 euros

* AIR FRANCE-KLM AIRFPA – Deutsche Bank lowers its price target to 2.70 euros from 3.50 euros

* ATOS ATOSPA – HSBC lowers its price target to 85 euros against 100 euros

* KERING PRTPPA – Credit Suisse lowers its price target to 635 euros from 675 euros

* VICAT SA VCTPPA – Barclays raises its price target to 52 euros against 45 euros

* VIVENDI VIVPA – Jefferies raises its price target to 30.50 euros against 26 euros

* UNIBAIL-RODAMCO-WESTFIELD URWAS – Kepler Cheuvreux lowers its price target to 62 euros against 68 euros

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Vicat, Air France – KLM, Gecina, Hermès, Kering, Atos

News – FR – Update on the changes in recommendations in Paris: Gecina, Hermès, Air France-KLM
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