News – FR – Val-d’Oise: several arrests after gatherings in Sarcelles


Crowds near the Sarcelles police station (Val-d’Oise), located avenue du 8-Mai 1945, ended with arrests, this Thursday evening A first gathering of young people, near the police station, led to the arrest by the police of two individuals, aged 19 and 20, for “participation in an armed group” and “contempt and rebellion”, indicates the DDSP (Central Directorate of Public Security), which specifies that the police station was not directly targeted

Then, during the same evening, CRS on a mission nearby intervened in front of a second crowd, this time composed of about thirty people, reports the same source 33-year-old man arrested France Info reports projectile jets and fireworks fire According to the Actu websitefr, during the night, the mayor of the city, Patrick Haddad, called “solemnly for calm, for respect for everyone, for the law, for the State and for its servants”

A little earlier in the same day, it was in Saint-Gratien (Val-d’Oise), that incidents occurred A police car patrolling the city of Raguenets, has been ambushed The police were taken to task and the car stoned

Events which echo those which occurred earlier this week in Villiers-le-Bel, where officials were stoned following a crowd Molotov cocktails were discovered nearby Finally, the same scenario happened at the Cité des Chênes in Ermont, during a police intervention to interrupt the shooting of a wild clip

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News – FR – Val-d’Oise: several arrests after mobs in Sarcelles