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Mon February 22 @ 9:34 pm

Julie zenatti

“This little girl, one Sunday in Bastille, and then everything that vacillates Her white polka dot scarf, a vestige of the spring that stole time He might run away, but never from his head He made crumbs These lyrics are taken from Plein Phare, a song co-written with singer Rose, which appears on Redo danser les fleurs, Julie Zenatti’s new album. The “little girl” in this autobiographical piece is she “Yes, I’m part of the statistics, I had a bad encounter very young, that’s it, but I was very lucky, because I was lucky to be recognized as a victim The miners’ brigade had been amazing with me, he was arrested And then my parents were great ”, confided this Monday, February 22 on the set of C to you on France 5, the one who despite everything“ grew up with a kind of shame ”

At 40, the shame is finally gone and Julie Zenatti finally manages to put words into public about what she went through A theme that she also addresses to protect her 10-year-old daughter, in a context of freedom of speech since the release of Camille Kouchner’s book La familia grande “A lot of people don’t understand why women need to put this out there, but because in fact, there is nothing worse to get ahead in life than shame, and shame is ‘insinuates in all the pores of the skin This is one of the reasons this song exists, and I’m not ashamed of it, “Julie Zenatti said in C to You The singer revealed as a teenager in the musical Notre Dame de Paris had no plans to say the same

“Sorry to ask the question like that, but the little girl is you?” “, The journalist Philippe Vandel clearly asked him on February 9 on Europe 1 Surprise, Julie Zenatti answered “yes” three times A painful revelation with great commentary “The comments I read, mostly from women, were, ‘No, but it’s okay, it’s fashion to talk about an assault Why does she not go and file a complaint with the cops? “” Annoyed France 5, the one who wants to help change mentalities “This is exactly what we have to do to change We need goodwill ”, she concluded on the verge of tears in the face of Anne-Élisabeth Lemoine.

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News – FR – VIDEO – Julie Zenatti attacked in her childhood: “I grew up with a kind of shame” – Gala