News – FR – Weather forecast: less snow than expected in the English Channel… for now


The Cotentin should ultimately be relatively spared from snowfall But faced with the risks generated on the roads, the administrations have taken measures

Faced with the onset of a snowfall announced by Météo France, all organizations have taken steps “We always prefer to prevent”, assures the Prefecture of Manche

This Tuesday, February 9, 2021, the prefect decided to close the highway 84 and the national road 13 to heavy goods vehicles until Caen A decision effective from 6 p.m. and which will be valid until further notice

“We take stock of the situation and depending on the state of the roads, we will reopen or not “

In the Region, »NOMAD road services for schools, on-demand transport and commercial lines running on the secondary or untreated network are suspended on the entire road network of the Departments of Calvados, Eure, Manche and Orne, Wednesday February 10, 2021 from midnight to 11.59 p.m. ″

Same alert in Cotentin: “Depending on the evolution of the climatic conditions expected in the territory in the coming days, school transport may be disrupted”

But at the end of the day, Météo France revised its forecasts downwards The ten centimeters announced in the southern Manche did not finally fall, “and the Cotentin may be spared by the snowfall, assures the weather forecast agency There will be a few flakes, some light precipitation but I don’t think there will be heavy snowfall ” However, if the Cotentinais will not relive the snowy episodes of 2013, the roads will be slippery. Distrust despite everything in the south of the department where heavy snowfall is taking place this evening

It will indeed be necessary to be careful in the days to come Thursday will be the coldest day, with temperatures going down to -7 ° in the south of the department

“Depending on whether the sea is nearby, it will heat up the atmosphere, especially as it gets windy!” “, Concludes Météo FrancenewspubdfpTargetingsemantic =;

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News – FR – Weather: less snow than expected in the English Channel… for now
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