News – FR – With “Mithridate”, the actor Stanislas Nordey dares the theater on screen


The actor and director Stanislas Nordey plays in the tragedy “Mithridate”, broadcast on Culturebox, the ephemeral channel of France Télévisions While the cultural sector is shut down because of the pandemic, Stanislas Nordey wonders about the current developments in the theater, upset by the health crisis

On the ashes of the long months of closing the stages to the public, France Télévisions has been broadcasting every day, since the beginning of February, plays and concerts on its ephemeral Culturebox channel If he is not one of those who applaud with both hands this initiative recognizing the possibility of a theater on screen and without an audience, Stanislas Nordey, however, is… In Mithridate, the tragedy of Jean Racine edited by Éric Vigner and filmed by Stéphane Pinot, the director and director of TNS (Théâtre national de Strasbourg) becomes a simple actor again

He plays this ancient king who was believed to be dead and discovers that his sons (Thomas Jolly and Jules Sagot) covet his wife (Jutta Johanna Weiss)”As a director, I favor contemporaries and avoid the classics,” admits Nordey as he is reminded of a recent interview in which he proclaimed: “Farewell Racine! Farewell Claudel!” “But, he tempers, the theater is a whole, and Eric Vigner, thanks to whom I passed through the magnificent language of Claudel, has visions He is a plastic artist who knows how to open the imagination, convince I would not have gone for Phèdre or Bérénice, classics heard a hundred times I love the unknown Mithridates remains to be discovered and therefore seems to me more present, almost contemporary”

For Nordey the actor, it is an opportunity to move away from the authors he claims and whom he themselves know “backed by yesterday’s writings” (Peter Handke, Falk Richter, Wajdi Mouawad , Pascal Rambert …) A trip for which he also had to overcome his fears “I had an apprehension with Racine, the memory of having felt a prisoner of the music of the Alexandrines in drama class.”Eric Vigner encourages him on the contrary to carry this lyricism in the freest way “The strength of his show is there, in this forgotten, disappeared, distant language, which foreign sounds make even more beautiful From the moment I was able to chew this text, graze it, make it mine, everything became simple and sweet”

Repeated in the summer, canceled in November and December, Mithridates has therefore turned into a film Alternating close-up shots near faces, bodies and costumes and larger ones on a stage adorned with a vast curtain of pearls, the resulting UFO recreates on film the concentrated and rigorous time of a Racinian theater performance such that we no longer dare to dream of it Better than In therapy on Arte? Even… Paradoxical and laughing, Stanislas Nordey agrees not to be the first convinced “On the one hand,” he said, “I am very happy that this object exists, at the same time I am afraid that it has become a movie. I would especially not want this type of program to become the norm, nothing replaces the physical report”

And if Culturebox allows “that something continues and that we share works”, he remains perplexed “Great in the situation we are living in, this channel will have to stop when the theaters reopen”, insists the director, himself reluctant to filmed shows. If he has just set up Berlin my boy, a text by Marie NDiaye, it is to play it in April at the Odeon theater, if necessary later, elsewhere, at least in front of a real audience “At TNS, we are not at all fans of recordings If we have to do it, it is rather in radio form; it seems less shocking to me”

For this creation co-produced by TNS, in the red suit of Mithridates, he nevertheless lent himself five days in a row to the game of filming with his partners “There was first an entire take, then others, act by act, and finally a few scenes taken in detail”, he says, without hiding that he tried to forget each time. cameras “I didn’t even want to see the result, he admits As my father, Jean-Pierre Mocky, was a filmmaker, I am wary It must be psychoanalytic For me, the theater can only be physical, athletic, lively and vocal The camera induces the opposite, the voice rather inside oneself… “

A disagreement that he could not allay when, he admits it wholeheartedly, his DVDs save Nordey from his long evenings of confinement: “It could just as well be a very deep Tarkovsky as a comedy or a series like The Expanse or The Leftovers, but it’s always a recreation unrelated to the theater, he says For me, the only positive and beautiful thing about the health crisis is to see that the public’s need is our only reason for being Without him we are faced with absurdity, it’s Kafkaesque to say to ourselves that we are repeating and creating, at the moment, to put in the freezer All this is violent, painful, but also illuminated by this very acute awareness that reminds us that without an audience nothing happens! “

In this fog, with a group of 13 artists selected by the Elysée Palace in May to discuss the cultural crisis, he is one of those who were able to speak to Emmanuel Macron “The second meeting, in the fall, was not publicized, at our request We didn’t want to be instrumentalised I insisted on student aid and grants Of course, we talked about the extension of the white year for intermittents We are listened to”

Nothing specific or too committed either in his words: “We are fighting to reopen museums and Roselyne Bachelot is in the real consultation Of course, the Ministry of Health wins all the arbitrations With variants, no choice: only the virus decides“His anger, which we have known more fiery, would it be dissolved?” God knows that I am not a convinced macronist but, in this pandemic which lasts, I do not see myself looking for lice on the right or on the left It’s time to be responsible, in construction, not in controversy There is no political etiquette in the face of the virus”

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Stanislas Nordey, Mithridates VI Eupator, National Theater of Strasbourg, Éric Vigner, Thomas Jolly

News – FR – With “Mithridate”, the actor Stanislas Nordey dares the theater on screen
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With " Mithridate&quot ;, the actor Stanislas Nordey dares the theater on screen