News – GB – Birds of a Feather series: Why did Pauline Quirke quarrel with Linda Robson?


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Pauline Quirke, 61, and Linda Robson, 62, reportedly dropped out after being friends for 50 years and working together on their sitcom Birds of a Feather, allegedly the alleged gap between coworkers also reportedly ended Paulines Character Sharon on the show caused

According to a source, the “real and tense issues” were the reason Pauline was absent from the show’s 30th anniversary show in 2019 and the show’s 2020 Christmas special

The couple play contentious sisters Sharon and Tracey on the ITV sitcom, which first released in 1989

The show ran for eight years before restarting later in 2014 Specials are now regularly released to keep fans informed about their lives

Pauline’s absence from the Christmas special meant her character Sharon was written out of history like she was “stuck on a COVID cruise”

According to Mail Am Sonntag, the problems on the set made working on the set with Linda “unbearable”

“Both Linda and Lesley were saddened that Pauline didn’t want to return to film a 30-year anniversary episode,” a source told the newspaper

“The atmosphere on the set had previously become difficult, there were real and tense problems,” added the insider

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Addressing the situation behind Pauline’s absence, an ITV spokeswoman said, “Unfortunately, Pauline Quirke will not be attending as she is stepping down from acting to focus on her 200 national performing arts academies”

In a recent interview with ExpresscoLinda shared that it was Pauline’s decision to no longer appear on the show

She revealed, “Obviously people miss Pauline, but we have to respect it was her decision to stop doing it

However, the rest of the cast were more than happy to continue filming for the Christmas special that was watched by millions

Linda continued, “When they [the producers] asked us, we said, ‘Yeah, we’d still love to do it, we’re not done yet’

“I think it worked really well as they wrote a good script and we made the most of it”

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News – GB – Federvogellinie: Why did Pauline Quirke fall with me? Linda Robson?
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