News – GB – Emma Willis praises son Ace for his “individual” style: “Why should I want to suppress that?”


Emma Willis has praised her son Ace for his “individual” sense of clothing and described him as his way of “expressing” himself

In October 2020, the 44-year-old TV presenter shared a photo of Ace (nine) on Instagram wearing a pink crop top, jeans, pink sneakers, and long blonde hair

While The Voice host was widely praised for “breaking gender stereotypes” in sharing the photo, some commentators questioned their son’s choice of clothes and the decision to grow his hair long

Speaking to Fabulous, Willis said that negative reactions made her feel like the “Incredible Hulk” and wanted to “yell at the world”

The mother of three said it was a different matter to receive comments about her children even though she was old enough to be personal criticism

“I’m so protective of my children and this was just a little boy expressing himself how he wanted,” she says

“He’s very individual, he dresses the way he wants and he really enjoys doing it. Why should I try to suppress that?”

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The voice host went on to say that some of the negative comments on Ace’s post served as “eye openers”

“To me, it’s just Ace, he’s my son and he’s always been,” she explains

“So it got me massively thinking about stereotypes and how crazy it is for a boy to be mistaken for a girl just because he has long hair and wears pink”

The presenter, who has two other children, Isabelle, 11, and Trixie, 4, with busted musician Matt Willis, has since started following a couple of Instagram accounts @notonlypinkandblue and @lettoysbetoys in which the Issues related to gender stereotypes and children are discussed

In addition to some negative comments about her son’s fashion choices, Willis has also been inundated with messages of support in which many parents defended a child’s right to wear what they like

“Just shows how far we need to go to break down gender stereotypes,” wrote one, “Pink is just a color Hair grows Let kids (or adults) wear what they want”

“And if this boy has nice long blonde hair and a pink T-shirt,” agreed another “I bet he smiles a million times a day more than you wretched adults who comment on this kid”

In fact, some parenting experts have shared that they believe that allowing children to discover their own identities could boost self-confidence

“I’ve always loved Banksy’s quote:” A lot of parents will do anything for their children but let them be themselves, “he says

“Allowing your child to find out who they are can help them build their confidence by feeling a sense of accomplishment and pride in making decisions that go well

Chaneen Saliee, Parenting and Mindset Trainer, agrees that it is important that parents allow their children to discover their true selves

“Just as adults are different, so are children – they are different from each other and they can also be very different from us,” she explains

“Often times we think we know what is best for them, but children naturally know what is best for them, they know who they are, and we just have to listen and care for what they are share with us “

Sallee says children learn to express themselves through self-discovery and exploration of the world – when they have the opportunity

“When we accept who they are and who they are with love and compassion, children become full of confidence, self-esteem, and the ability to regulate their view of the world”She explains

“You will be able to love and feel sorry for others – and most of all, yourself”

The opposite is true when parents don’t give their children the freedom to express their true selves, she adds,

“When we don’t allow children to find out who they really are and how they really feel, be it for our own good or because we believe it is for their benefit, they often feel unheard, invisible, and it they lack self-esteem, esteem and the ability to regulate themselves emotionally, ”says Sallee

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Alicia Silverstone has also defended her son’s decision to keep his hair long after being teased over it by other children

In September 2020, the unsuspecting actress shared her pride in her nine-year-old son Bear’s decision to keep his hair long

Though annoyed by the length of his hair falling over his shoulders, Silverstone was proud that her son refused to bow to peer pressure

“Once my son was ridiculed by other children for his hair on a bus ride to the surf camp,” she wrote after explaining how much she loves his hair

Silverstone had an appointment scheduled for Bear the very next day, and she suspected the teasing might cause him to abandon it

“But when we showed up he said, ‘Please give me a cut so I can grow it to my waist,” she continued

Silverstone encouraged parents to “hug their children and choose who they want to be without judgment”

“He loves his hair and wants it long. Mom and Dad won’t stop him from being him,” she added, “He’s beautiful and we love his hair”

Silverstone’s son has since decided it was time for a change and cut his long locks into a shorter style, but she has said his choice wasn’t because he felt compelled to do it

Other celebrities also encourage their children not to be influenced by gender stereotypes when it comes to their appearance

In 2018, Meghan Fox shared a rare snapshot of two of her boys enjoying a day at the beach, both in wetsuits and both with long, surfer-style hair

Most fans found the photo adorable, but some agreed with unsolicited opinions about boys with long hair

Earlier this year, the boys ‘father, Brian Austin Green, hit back on trolls who hated his sons’ long hair

“The fact is, my boys have and like long hair,” said the Beverly Hills 90210 star. “In my opinion, they are beautiful and are still mistaken for girls when they have matching shorts and t-shirts. Wore combinations and had short hair

“Some people like boys and men with long hair,” he concluded, “Some people don’t. Both opinions are fine”

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Emma Willis

News – GB – Emma Willis praises son Ace for his “individual” style: “Why should I want to suppress that?”