News – GB – Gattuso RAGES on Granada’s tactics in Napoli’s shocking exit from the Europa League


Posted: 06:17 GMT, Jan. February 2021 | Updated: 08:42 GMT, Jan. February 2021

Pressurized Napoli boss Gennaro Gattuso accused Granada of showing a lack of “respect” and was angry that if his team had played like their opponents in the Europa League, they would have been “slaughtered”

Gattuso was furious with the Spanish side after a shocking elimination of the Europa League from the last round of 16, although he won the second leg 2-1 in Naples on Thursday

Defeat increases control of Gattuso’s position, but instead of focusing on his own dangerous situation, he turned his attention to Granada and what he thought was disrespectful

“We conceded an absurd goal today, it was three against one in the penalty area,” Gattuso told Sky Sport Italia

‘I can’t remember any other chances for Granada. We have to be proud of what we showed

‘Those who represent us need to be a little more respectable – if an Italian team plays like Granada tonight, they’ll be slaughtered in all the newspapers

‘There has to be respect, today you wasted too much time, three minutes on every opportunity

Defeat increases pressure on Gattuso amid speculation that he is ready to be sacked in Naples

Granada arrived in Naples after taking a 2-0 lead in the second leg, much to their opponents’ surprise, and so they had an advantage to defend

Gattuso’s team was hoping for a comeback when Piotr Zielinski met three minutes after the second leg on Thursday evening

Zielinski did an excellent job of picking the bottom corner from outside the box, but the away goal they failed to score in Spain came in the middle of the first half for the La Liga team

Angel Montoro rose to meet a cross and, above his marker, nodded to the far corner of the net

Fabian Ruiz scored the 2-1 in Napoli just before the hour, but Granada then defended impressively to prevent their opponents from scoring the two extra goals they needed

The promotion to the Europa League over the past 16 years is another mark in a historic season for Granada

Napoli now seem poised to end the season trophyless, and Gattuso’s already vulnerable position looks even more at risk after this cup outcome

Rafael Benitez and Maurizio Sarri have both been linked for returning to Napoli should owner Aurelio de Laurentiis dispose of the former AC Milan midfielder

“Right now we have to get the players and the excitement back,” added Gattuso, wanting to take responsibility for the recent disappointment

‘I am the one most responsible. Now we have to get to work, it will be important for us. The Napoli shirt is a heavy weight but we have to be calm and give a little more’

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News – GB – Gattuso rages on Granada’s tactics in Napoli’s shocking Europa League exit
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