News – GB – Inter Milan and Pirelli end legendary sponsorship deal


Posted: 10:25 GMT, 2 March 2021 | Updated: 3:28 PM GMT, Jan. March 2021

Inter Milan and Pirelli will end their shirt sponsorship deal at the end of the season, ending one of the most famous partnerships in football

The logo of the Italian tire manufacturer has been printed on Inter shirts since the beginning of the 1995/96 season, as the club has won several titles in Serie A and the Champions League

But their shirt sponsorship deal, worth around £ 10m per season plus bonuses, will not be extended beyond the end of the season, Pirelli CEO Marco Tronchetti Provera has announced

Inter Milan and Pirelli will end their legendary shirt sponsorship deal at the end of the season

The logo of the Italian tire manufacturer has been on Inter shirts for 26 years – also for the victory in the Champions League 2010 (picture)

“We are in talks with (Alessandre) Antonello, (Beppe) Marotta (managing director) and other inter-directors,” he told Gr Parlamento

Reports in Italy in September showed that Chinese real estate development company Evergrande Group was an option to replace Pirelli

It remains to be seen how the financial impact of the termination of the deal will affect Inter after their owners, Suning Group, shut down their Chinese football clubs due to financial vulnerability over the weekend

An announcement from the company said that all of the clubs in its stable, including recently crowned Chinese Super League champions Jiangsu FC, would cease operations

Suning is one of China’s largest retailers and also owns Inter – but now plans to focus on its core business, putting assets outside of retail at risk

Paul Ince (left) and Ronaldo (right) were both at the club when Pirelli sponsored shirts

Adriano and Zlatan Ibrahimovic were other Inter stars who wore the legendary Pirelli kits for Inter

Inter were forced to reaffirm Suning’s financial commitment to the club in a statement designed to reassure fans

“As part of the ongoing capital structure and liquidity management, the company and our owners are in discussions to offer a range of solutions in this regard,” said the club

‘While Suning has reiterated its commitment to financially supporting the club with or without additional outside support, it also makes sense and prudence to look outside

With this in mind, Suning has appointed key advisors in Asia to work with them to find suitable partners, whether through a capital injection or otherwise

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Inter Milan, Pirelli, partner of Serie A, BC

News – GB – Inter Milan and Pirelli end the legendary sponsorship deal