News – GB – Kasia Lenhardt dead: Model ex of Jerome Boateng found dead in Berlin


Posted: 10:49 GMT, 10 February 2021 | Updated: 12:19 GMT, Jan. February 2021

The model girlfriend of soccer player Jerome Boateng was found dead just a week after the couple split up

Kasia Lenhardt, 25, was found by the police in an apartment in Berlin that presumably belongs to the footballer Officers said the death was not classified as suspicious

Kasia, who had a son from a previous relationship, had been with 32-year-old Boateng for 15 months before the couple broke up on Jan. February split in a fierce battle in which the couple used social media and the press to exchange blows

Boateng accused Kasia of sabotaging his relationship with his children’s mother before they started dating and blackmailing him into staying with her

Meanwhile, Kasia – who had the soccer player’s name tattooed on her rib cage – had branded her ex as “the devil” and vowed to “speak up” and “fight back” once she recovered from the breakup had

Kasia Lenhardt, 25 (right), was found dead in an apartment in Berlin just one week after the couple’s spectacularly imploded relationship, which is believed to belong to the footballer ex Jerome Boateng (left)

Lenhardt (left and right) said she broke up with Boateng because of his “lies and infidelity” while referring to him as “the devil” while accusing her of sabotaging his relationship with his children’s mother and him to blackmail her to stay

Paramedics are seen outside the apartment where Kasia’s body was found late Tuesday after police were called to report a suicide.Offers say the death will not be treated as suspicious

Boateng, who now plays for Bayern Munich, was the first to announce the split after Kasia on 5 January had written off his Mini in an accident in Berlin – with alcohol, which was later found in her blood

At the time, the athlete said he would “take responsibility and act in the interests of [my] family” and “apologize to everyone I hurt especially my ex-girlfriend and our children”

In an interview with German newspaper Bild, Boateng accused Kasia of blackmailing him on false allegations of domestic abuse while he said she had a “massive” problem with alcohol

He admitted cheating on his ex with Kasia but said she was also controlling and abusive. He said, “Kasia became my girlfriend by breaking relationships with my ex-girlfriend Rebecca and my family and blackmailing me

‘So I decided to stick with Kasia and try to make it work. Even the relationship with her public was due to pressure from Kasia to do it. It wasn’t mine.

‘During our relationship, Kasia often threatened to destroy me, threatened to ruin my career and even try to make me lose my children

‘Kasia said she would do this by accusing me of beating her.She knew my children’s mother accused me of the same and that we have a lawsuit about it

‘Kasia contacted my children’s mother and said she would help her in court, anything just to destroy me’

He even went so far as to claim that the model used fake social media profiles to attack him and “tell lies”

But Kasia hit back, saying she actually ended the relationship because of Boateng’s ‘lies and constant infidelity’

In a final farewell shot, Kasia branded Boateng as “the devil” and said: “I will definitely speak, but I have to collect myself”Please give me time

‘I will strike back! Because I’ve never been so fooled, used, or lied to so give me a moment ‘

Kasia, who had a son named Noah from a previous relationship, became famous on the German TV show Next Top Model and appeared in several other TV appearances before she began dating Boateng

The death was confirmed by fellow model Sara Kulka, who wrote a tribute post on Instagram and cryptically said, “I hope the truth comes out now, I know how much you wanted it to be”

Boateng admitted cheating on his former girlfriend Rebecca with Kasia, but said she was controlling and abusive – using false domestic violence threats to make sure he would stay with her

News of Kasia’s death was confirmed by fellow model Sara Kulka, who uploaded a photo of the couple to Instagram

She also wrote: “Rest in peace, you wonderful person, I miss you and would have loved to say goodbye

‘I hope you find your peace now and I hope the truth comes out now I know how much you wished it

‘I will never forget you, I don’t know anyone who could laugh like you. I send a lot of strength to the family’

Kasia became known on the TV show Germany’s Next Top Model, where she appeared in 2012 and took fourth place in the competition

She leaves behind a son, Noah, who is believed to be five years old and was born to a previous partner whom she separated three years ago

A Berlin police spokesman said: “Yesterday at around 8:30 am in Charlottenburg there was a police operation on suspicion of suicide

The police said they were called to a residential building in Berlin at 8 a.m. Tuesday at 30 p.m. after reports of a suicide and found a body (in the picture the apartment)

This is the Berlin apartment building where Kasia’s body was found with Boateng’s initials on the doorbell

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News – GB – Kasia Lenhardt dead: Model ex of Jerome Boateng found dead in Berlin