News – GB – Notoriously BichG Mother tossed its crack in the trash can and thought it was mashed potatoes


In some rather unusual music-related news it was revealed that Notorious BIchG’s mother once threw out his stock of cracks after mistaking it for mashed potatoes

The story was revealed by the late hip-hop legend’s sidekick, Damian ‘D-Roc’ Butler, who was in the car the night Biggie was shot and in the upcoming Netflix documentary Biggie: I Got a Story To Tell is published

At the time, D-Roc and the yet-to-be-spotted rapper had processed the drugs before leaving the Brooklyn apartment just for Biggie’s mother Voletta Wallace to clean up

When she discovered the hiding place, she assumed that he left a dirty dish of mashed potatoes lying around and threw his “mess” in the trash can

Speaking to Page 6, Butler said, “Then we came back (and) she had cleaned the room

“She said, ‘Yo, you can’t leave dirty dishes lying around, hard mashed potatoes on the plate’Me and he both looked at us like, “Oh, she just threw it away””

But the infamous BichG – who once told listeners in his 1997 song ‘Ten Crack Commandments’ not to mix family and business (aka drug trafficking) with family – would not allow it

“We pulled it out of the trash can with barbecue sauce and everything, but we got rid of it anyway,” added Butler

While unwilling to argue whether Biggie’s death was related to that of the late, great Tupac Shakur, he did find out about her trip to LA

When D-Roc spoke about how they were in the California town – where rapper ‘Mo Money Mo Problems’ was filmed in 1997 – to promote an album, he said, “We weren’t out there on vacation

“We didn’t know anyone out there. He actually wanted to make peace. He wanted to show that we had nothing to show, we came in good faith, not loud things

Butler agreed that the east and west coast rap rivalry that was going on at the time was unnecessary, stating that Biggie was “murdered exactly when we wanted to excel”

He continued, “Big is one of the rappers you’ve seen get better over time. You heard it in his music

“For me, Big was very educated, really creative. I want the fans to know the artist before the rapper

“He was a true artist I don’t know if people really know Big has made five classic albums in four years

If you want to learn more about the genesis of the hip-hop icon, you can watch Biggie: I Now Have a Story on Netflix

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News – GB – Notorious BichG Mother tossed its crack in the trash can and thought it was mashed potatoes