News – GB – Pauline Quirke’s friendship with co-stars ended “after a FACE-OFF”


Posted: 23:30 GMT, 23 February 2021 | Updated: 23:33 GMT, Jan. February 2021

Her hilarious portrayal of the joys and frustrations of living with family and neighbors made Birds of a Feather a huge hit

But it has now been reported that Pauline Quirke, 61) ‘s friendship with her co-stars ended after an “amazing” duel with Lesley Joseph, 75, outside the toilets of the television studio that Linda Robson, 62, reportedly believed let the couple never speak again

According to the report, the women were “basically torn apart” by the crew of Teddington Studios, who were “stunned” by the alleged incident

what? It was reported that Pauline Quirkes, 61, friendship with her Birds of a Feather co-stars ended after an “amazing” duel with Lesley Joseph, 75, in front of the television studio bathrooms

A source told The Sun, “The nadir came during an amazing series at Teddington Studios, culminating in Pauline and Lesley grappling with inches from the female gaps

Explaining how the friendship broke down from that point, the insider claimed, “Linda doesn’t think they’ll ever speak again ‘

Clash? According to the report, the women were “basically pulled apart” by crew members at Teddington Studios who were “stunned” by the alleged incident (on stage in “Birds of a Feather” at the New Victoria Theater in Woking, 2012) / p>

Pauline and Linda played sisters in the hit comedy, and as a real childhood, best friends seemed a perfect fit for the roles

But the frequent on-screen arguments between their characters Sharon Theodopolopodous and Tracey Stubbs seem to have exploded into the actors’ real lives, sparking fears for the future of the long-running program

This weekend, The Mail revealed on Sunday that a seemingly irreparable rift has developed between Pauline and Linda, whose 50-year friendship once helped cement their reputation as one of the UK’s most beloved double acts

The end? The insider explained how the friendship broke down from that point on, claiming, “Linda doesn’t think they’ll ever speak again” (picture 2014)

Insiders said there were “real and tense issues” that resulted in Pauline refusing to take part in the 30th anniversary show, which aired in 2019

At the same time, Linda got closer to co-star Lesley, who plays the man-eating neighbor Dorien Green, and the couple decided not to ask Pauline to attend the 2020 Christmas Special

The argument appears to mark an end to Pauline’s beloved character, Sharon, whose recent absence was explained by the character going on a cruise

A friend said, ‘Both Linda and Lesley were saddened that Pauline didn’t want to return to film a 30th anniversary episode. Linda and Pauline were very close, less so than Pauline and Lesley

‘I think Pauline was annoyed with the attention Lesley got, and it was very tense and difficult to navigate at times

‘Pauline was not approached about the Christmas special. The atmosphere on the set had previously become difficult, there were real and tense problems’

The trio rose to fame in 1989 when Birds Of A Feather began on BBC1, and it took nine years to live after the lives of two sisters who move in together after their husbands were jailed for armed robbery

It was later revived in 2014 on ITV by its original writers and creators Laurence Marks and Maurice Gran

The Christmas special drew a staggering 79 million viewers, and it goes without saying that Linda and Lesley are interested in continuing the Essex set show, however, sources say ITV is not convinced they want to do another series / p>

Allegations of Pauline’s alleged “demanding” and “difficult” behavior on set were blamed as factors in the original case, and to secure the future of the show, a new character named Jordan – called “Mini” has been named I ‘was introduced by Sharon –

The friend added, ‘It appears that Sharon has been replaced by another character so that the show can continue. It’s all very sad Pauline and Linda have been friends for more than half a century and of course Lesley has known women since at least 30 years’

To complicate matters, Pauline’s son Charlie on the show also plays Travis Stubbs, Tracey’s youngest son. He appeared in the Christmas special and at the time ITV was trying to explain her absence

A spokeswoman said, ‘Unfortunately Pauline Quirke will not be attending as she is stepping down from acting to focus on her 200 nationwide performing arts academies’

There was only one photo of Sharon on the show, and the storyline said she was on a cruise where she met a piece from Costa Rica and married him

Irreparable: Over the weekend, The Mail revealed on Sunday that a seemingly irreparable rift has developed between Pauline and Linda

Last year Linda described her long friendship with Pauline as follows: “We were friends from the age of ten. We went to the same elementary school and started taking acting classes together

‘We were known as the real kids or the Cockney off the street kids. We were both really good friends and still working 52 years later’

Linda and Lesley revealed in an interview with the Mecca bingo company that they met during the pandemic when restrictions allowed, but there was no mention of Pauline

The two women declined to comment at this point. Pauline Quirke’s spokesperson did not respond to requests for comments

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News – GB – Pauline Quirke’s friendship with co-stars ended after a FACE-OFF ‘
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