News – GB – Proms will likely continue, but may not have an audience


The Royal Albert Hall, which is currently closed, has only closed twice since the lightning

The executive director of the Royal Albert Hall believes this year’s proms will take place, but is unsure whether an audience can attend

Craig Hassall says the 150 year old London venue wanted to reopen to music lovers in June

The proms usually run from June through the second Saturday in September and have an orchestra of 300 people

Speaking to the PA news agency, Craig said they would likely continue, but he didn’t know in what form

Craig said, “Every week this date shifts. Right now we’re officially closed until the end of March, but to be honest April and May look a bit shaky. We’re even looking at June and thinking,” I wonder whether June will work or not? ”

“We try to hold events on for as long as possible and then all we have to do is postpone them. Fortunately, the previous pattern has been that the organizers who have the events want to postpone an appointment rather than cancel it So this is great ”

Craig said there was no “magic date” on which the hall could welcome the audience back

“But we’re talking to the Proms about the Proms this year I think the Proms will keep going, that’s great I don’t know what form It’s a very good sign

“They did the proms last year without an audience, which was a bit weird, but it was beautifully filmed and looked amazing

“I think that’s an option but we really want an audience for the proms that would be great and that’s mid-July or late July so we’ll see”

The Royal Albert Hall was opened by Queen Victoria in 1871 and named in memory of her beloved husband, Prince Albert

The Proms, Royal Albert Hall, London

News – UK – Proms are likely to continue but may not have an audience
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