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Reactions to Call of Duty: The league game from Black Ops Cold War was not used, but Scump and FormaL from OpTic Chicago have worked out some ways to fix the unpopular system

League Play didn’t exist at all in Modern Warfare 2019, even though the game included some rule set options for the Call of Duty League Understandably, the CoD community was very excited about Treyarch’s return and was hoping that competitive mode would be available for BOCW. p>

In discussing how best to implement the ranking system, fans of the CoD franchise had cited WWII as the optimal version, with some viewing Black Ops 2 as noteworthy.Instead, League Play wasn’t just launched months after the game was released, but was also essentially a clone of the widespread Black Ops 4 system

During an OpTic Gaming roundtable, brand forces Hector ‘H3CZ’ Rodriguez and Davis ‘Hitch’ Edwards discussed the League Play issue with the team’s renowned veterans Seth ‘Scump’ Abner and Matthew ‘FormaL’ Piper They have some in common interesting solutions found

When the group discussed the players investing in League Play, everyone agreed that the mode was competitive base and of little interest to casual gamers, while Scump said he enjoyed it, it became clear that no one believed it offers less incentive to less competitive players

As an example, Hitch brings up “cool ranks,” which FormaL exemplifies with Valorant’s radiant and immortal ranks – part of an Elo system for which he says “people grind.” In addition, FormaL goes on to be cosmetic and in-game Rewards such as “Gear” and “Double XP” could increase casual gamers’ interest in the grind

The ongoing topic for the conversation is correcting the Elo system The criticism ranges from the placement system to ranking and de-ranking options. FormaL and Scump have named Halo and CoD: WWII as better options The latter showed how valuable it was to achieve a top spot for visibility in the community

When Scump found that World War II had a clearer system that altered your rank based on wins and losses as he weighed the strength of your opponent, he expressed apparent confusion: “I don’t understand everyone said,” It must be or it won’t be ranked, “and then they just copied / pasted Black Ops 4”

In general, the group agrees that the current placement and ranking system does not provide incentives for grinding, as team success and the strength of the opponent are reduced, and the mode does not dynamically reward players with exciting ranks

A new Call of Duty: Warzone bug is a departure from the norm in that it grossly ends the game prematurely before generously giving a win to every single player in the lobby

Fighting in the nooks and crannies of Verdansk can be a confusing experience, maybe you’ve casually strolled around a dark, empty building to face a practically invisible, camping roze skin, or worse, you might run into Hackers who just knew where you were, despite all the forces of the ghost and finesse movement combined

But the most confusing thing in Warzone is often when unintentional things happen, like dying of gasoline when someone abuses a stimulation disorder in a storm Bugs and glitches have abused countless Verdansk warriors, from stim glitches to loadout freeze- Breakdowns up to invisibility bugs

This latest glitch has a whole different vibe, however, instead of being taken advantage of by a minority of fraudulent players, it just wins the entire lobby.While this is likely to be annoying for players with heaters, it could be a lot worse than a Warzone entry trophy to get

In a video “LegendWho” shared on Reddit, the team was nearing the end of a solo game with about 50 players remaining when the game suddenly switched to a kill cam. Like the “Final Kill” -Camera started a replay of the last kill during multiplayer games and the chat was opened in the game

It quickly became clear that no one had any idea what was going on. The player was casually driving around in a truck when he heard “eh?” from a multitude of equally confused players as a wall. and “what the hell?” Exclamations hit the game chat

They wondered what on earth could have happened, brought the topic to Reddit and also checked what was going on with the SBMM app, which found that literally everyone in the lobby was getting a win for the match / p>

It is currently unclear what is causing this disruption or how often it occurs, a similar issue emerged in early February where one team received a win before landing, but this was never confirmed to be for every team in the lobby a victory was

While this isn’t as urgent an issue as glitches like Stim and Invisibility, it’s very confusing and yet has to be put on Raven Software’s radar – as the absence on the Warzone Trello board shows

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