News – GB – WATCH: The referee takes on the Ipswich Town midfielder


Referee Darren Drysdale is under the microscope on Tuesday after an encounter with Alan Judge of Ipswich Town during a League One game on Tuesday

The judge appears disciplined when it comes to winning a penalty in a league game against Northampton Town

When the judge shows up to challenge the decision or its lack, Drysdale hits the protest – almost literally – head-on and the Internet goes mad

A spokesman for Ipswich told Sky Sports News that the club had not made an official complaint but added, “We will leave it to the authorities to decide whether to take action”

Drysdale has been a referee in the Football League since 2004 and has no spotty record

Judge is not a serial offender either, as he has received nine yellow cards since the beginning of the 2018/19 season What is not surprising, however, is that Drysdale is so responsive to Judge

What’s breathtaking is that it doesn’t happen more often, given how cool most referees are to ridiculous swearwords from players, it’s almost irrational that we don’t see such incidents more often

That said, there’s a reason referees need to stay cool during times like this because a game could really turn into chaos. A player from Ipswich Town was sent off a moment later

Drysdale will almost certainly face some discipline, although it is perfectly understandable that it will hit a breaking point. What do you think?

😲 Here’s when referee Darren Drysdale takes on Ipswich midfielder Alan Judge before showing him a yellow card … BildTwittercom / Dk8eUAcoB5

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News – GB – WATCH: The referee meets the Ipswich Town midfielder
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