News – PH – 2021 NFL Draft: PSU’s Jayson Oweh is an elite athlete in need of refinement


Ahead of the 2021 NFL draft, which will be released on Jan. Starting April, Yahoo Sports will be counting down our top 100 overall prospects We will be counting them down in groups of five for Nos 100-51, followed by more in-depth coverage of our top 50 players with the help of our scouting assistant Liam Blutman we reserve the right to make changes on player grades and ratings based on injury updates, daily training sessions, or late-arriving information from NFL teams

Previous prospect rankings: No. 100-96 | 95-91 | 90-86 | 85-81 | 80-76 | 75-71 | 70-66 | 65-61 | 60-56 | 55-51 | 50 OT Liam Eichenberg | 49 WR Terrace Marshall Jr | 48 LB Chazz Surratt | 47 EDGE Joe Tryon | 46 OT-OG Alex Leatherwood | 45 CB Asante Samuel Jr | 44 DL Levi Onwuzurike | 43 LB Jabril Cox | 42 DT Daviyon Nixon | 41 EDGE Ronnie Perkins | 40 LB Nick Bolton | 39 CB Ifeatu Melifonwu | 38 WR Elijah Moore | 37 OT Jalen Mayfield | 36 EDGE Carlos Basham Jr | 35 CB Elijah Molden | 34 RB Travis Etienne | 33 WR Kadarius Toney

TL; DR Scouting Report: Exciting sporty specimen with elite potential, whose rawness will be confirmed in a 2020 season without a bag

The Skinny: A 4-Star Rival Recruit (Nr Odafe “Jayson” Oweh got keen interest in high school, although he hadn’t learned football until 2016 after previously focusing on basketball as his main sport) signed up for the Nittany Lions and appeared in four games as a freshman in 2018 After four tackles and two sacks (both in his first college game), he remained eligible for a year Oweh received an expanded role as a Redshirt freshman in 2019, scoring 21 tackles, five sacks, two forced fumbles, and a pass that was defended in 13 games (one start) As a Redshirt in his second year in 2020, he logged 38 tackles (65 for losses) and a pass that was defended in seven starts and earned the All-Conference of the first team (Big Ten coach) After the season, Oweh declared early for the 2021 NFL draft

Pros: Stunning athletic profile – really a 1 percent center in a league full of exceptional athletes He filmed one of the greatest pro day appearances of all time with staggering numbers in the 40 yard dash (4 39 seconds), short shuttle (415 seconds), 3-cone drill (684 seconds) – faster and faster than many highly rated receivers and running backs Also vertically jumped an incredible 40 inches and wide jumped 134 inches – also breathtaking numbers

Rejuvenated physique with exceptional muscular tissue and great weight distribution.Large Length – 34 1/2 inch arms on bespoke NFL EDGE frame possesses traits that cannot be taught and, to some extent, will simply thrive on its rare physical tools

Explosiveness on tape Fast-twitch athlete who bursts off the line and hasn’t lost a step after adding 25 pounds of mass over three years. Spent a lot of time developing in the weight room. Great basketball feet that slide sideways – jump on his toes and spinning in no time Sporty enough to take cover

Indicates some bull rush potential and can convert speed into power Can also bend around the edge and carve the corner with good balance Has the potential to develop a nice cross motion inside with its combination of speed and power Rushed from both sides and from two- and three-point positions, increasing the pressure galore that could become sacks in the NFL as it evolves

Dramatic improvement vs. The run looked out of place at times in 2019 and was a designated pass rusher this season, but showed far better detection and edge-setting ability than expected last season, showing a tendency to smooth the line and tackle duels from behind to contest while the unblocked man is away from the game side Can break loose from blocks quickly, simply with his rare athleticism, with improved leverage, or take them with enough force to hold his own

Relentless engine that runs hot the whole game Hustler who still twirls around when his first turn is stopped Has been used in part for cover and return units from special teams Humble and willing to put the time in to be great

Unpolished Gem – with good coaching and proper development, the sky’s the limit.Certain player whose arrow is pointing up has been out of high by several other academically honored schools including Harvard, Dartmouth, Princeton, Rutgers, Michigan, and Notre Dame School recruits

Disadvantage: Raw, rudimentary pass-rush technique Unrefined hand use, timing and pass-rush arsenal – movements are segmented and unnatural Can’t counter well if his first move falters Diverted from power blockers making contact and his Blocking swing Still looks like an athlete chasing quarterbacks and needing more time to devise a better plan of attack

Thin résumé – just seven career sacks, six of them in his first 14 games Zero-Sack 2020 season and only one sack in his last 12 games. One-year-old starter with fewer than 800 defensive snaps so far. Rushed mainly from the defensive left and right Wasn’t Asked To Step In On Crashes Has the athletic tools to be a linebacker in a hurry but has only taken cover a handful of snaps in his career

The power of pickup is still not ideal – can better use his lower body, maximize its length and keep working on his leverage and hand use Can of course not throw off blocks yet Even with his long arms, he spun in a below average bench press ( 21 repetitions) A certain stiffness of the lower body in its ligament that matches its test numbers

Detection skills are all about what to expect from someone who has been through five years of football, May fall for misdirection and play action Sometimes loses the ball while battling tackles and tight ends

Can rush and angle too wide without running out of games Varies between proactive and reactive and can sometimes seem insecure – lack of consistent urgency Slow down the ball quickly and quietly occasionally

Turns 23 in December – a bit older that still requires remarkable development. Still raw and more likely to bear fruit in the second year than the first

Best Fit: If a team is betting on a Pass Rush project, it may as well take a chance for someone as active and athletic as Oweh projects as a 4-3 rush end or as a rush Linebacker on an odd front, but an incubation period will be required wherever he lines up, however, in time, Oweh has Pro Bowl on his head when it all clicks

Did you know: Oweh was on his way to civil engineering and enjoys drawing as a hobby He said he would probably go to his native Nigeria one day to build bridges and roads there
Player Comp: Oweh is similar to Marcus Davenport and Jason Pierre-Paul, two other athletic but raw prospects, and his prediction will likely be somewhere between their career arcs to this point

We’re putting our top 100 prospects in the 2021 NFL draft with No. 1 fort 34 overall – a massive production homerun hitter for the past four years

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News – PH – NFL Draft 2021: PSU’s Jayson Oweh is an elite athlete in need of refinement
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