News – PH – 35 years after EDSA, groups warn of threats to democracy


MANILA, Philippines – Groups on Thursday urged Filipinos to oppose threats to democracy and achieved rights violations in the country as the Philippines is 35 years old since the ousted dictator Ferdinand Marcos was removed. p>

At least one million Filipinos went to historic Epifanio delos Santos Avenue for four days in 1986 to protest electoral fraud and demand the overthrow of Ferdinand Marcos, whose rule had plunged the country into poverty for more than two decades and abuse by police and police Military and ended with his escape from the country to Hawaii

But more than three decades later, a group of martial law survivors described the current situation as a reminder of the 1970s, when violations “are woefully amplified every day” “

Samahan ng ex-inmate Laban sa Detensyon in Aresto said in a statement that “the government is once again focusing on disseminating fake information and creating its own demons under the guise of” counterinsurgency programs “and downright red-tagging”

Government officials, including those from the military and the anti-communist task force, have increasingly forged links of people and activist groups to the armed communist movement with the passage of the controversial anti-terror law passed orally by the Supreme Court

Selda also met President Rodrigo Dutertes cultivating close ties with the Marcos family when he pointed out former first lady Imelda was not arrested despite a 2018 conviction in Sandiganbayan, the case is on appeal to the Supreme Court

The family returned to power in the 1990s and the members held various election positions locally and nationally. Marcos’ daughter Imee is a seated senator, while her brother Bongbong is a former senator who lost the 2016 vice presidential race / p>

“More than ever, we must not just forget: We must assert our right to defend ourselves – to defy and resist this unbridled and deteriorating attack on human rights and democracy,” said Cristina Palabay, General Secretary of the Karapatan rights group

Meanwhile, President Rodrigo Duterte, in his message on the EDSA anniversary, called for “new hope and optimism for the realization of our common aspirations as a nation” “

“May this be a constant reminder for all of us to stay vigilant to protect democratic institutions, uphold our values, and uphold our rights as Filipinos”

He urged Filipinos to resolve differences and work together “to build a legacy that we can proudly bequeath to future generations of Filipinos”

In her message for EDSA Day, Vice-President Leni Robredo said that People Power’s promise has not yet been fulfilled

“Our ever fragile democracy is still under constant threat. Efforts are under way to revise history for the personal agenda of a few powerful ones. We are still in the process of forging the nation we dreamed of and for the EDSA we fought “

“The challenge now is: We have to find this strength, this belief, this fire in ourselves in order to continue with the work still to be done”

The No. of the country 2 also called for the same unity that Filipinos showed in 1986 to respond to the ongoing health crisis that spanned over 566000 people infected in the country and more than 12Killed 000 people

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News – PH – 35 years after EDSA groups warn of threats to democracy