News – PH – Arsenal, Chelsea, Spurs players face quarantines after traveling to Europe


New guidelines for high profile clubs were issued over the weekend amid concerns about next month’s international break

Players and employees of the Premier League have been informed by the government that they must now be quarantined for 10 days after all trips abroad However, they are allowed to train and play games as usual as soon as they remain in their elite sports bubble for the duration of their time abroad

Although the rules do not affect their work, every member of the tour group has strict orders to stay at home if they are not in their elite bubble. If the PCR test is negative, the period of 10 days will also be halved – and high profile players are currently being tested twice a week

The instructions were given out to all 20 clubs over the weekend, meaning that Chelsea players and staff will have to stay at home after their return from their midweek game in Europe. Thomas Tuchel’s Chelsea team will meet at tomorrow night at First leg of the Champions League round of 16 against Atletico Madrid This game was relocated to Bucharest in Romania due to Spanish travel regulations

Arsenal and Tottenham Hotspur will be subject to the same rules in the event of any progress in the Europa League – after playing their away games against Benfica and Wolfsberger last week

Tuchel had to comply with similar regulations when he was appointed to succeed Frank Lampard last month, having not been in an elite environment since leaving Paris Saint-Germain in December So far, however, the players have been of the general public

Next month’s international hiatus is likely to cause further complications Players are told that they cannot meet family or friends in their home countries

Violations will result in a 10-day quarantine under public regulations, which means they will no longer be allowed to play for their clubs upon their return to England

A number of countries across Europe have introduced travel bans for people from the United Kingdom before Christmas due to the contagious variant, which presents players with additional logistical problems from country to country

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News – PH – Arsenal, Chelsea, Spurs players have to adhere to quarantines after trips to Europe