News – PH beverage company remains bullish in Mindanao


BULLISCH Coca-Cola Beverages Philippines Inc remains optimistic about investing in Mindanao Significant investments were made in 2020 to improve manufacturing facilities in Mindanao (CCBPI photo)

After its expansion projects in Mindanao in 2020, Coca-Cola Beverages Philippines Inc (CCBPI) remains optimistic about investing in the island “Mindanao is probably our least invested compared to Luzon and we wanted to take the opportunity in 2020 to correct a little,” said Gareth McGeown, President and CEO of CCBPI, during an online discussion on Tuesday, April 23 February

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Last year, the company announced that a significant amount of $ 22 million, or P1, would be investing € 065 billion in upgrading the facilities of its three production lines in Mindanao in the fourth quarter of 2020, which will allow the beverage company to increase the production capacity of its production lines in Davao del Sur , Misamis Oriental and Zamboanga up 30 percent McGeown said the company will focus on the growth, workforce, and future potential of a particular site before investing, “Mindanao has the criteria to invest before 2020 We are very satisfied and pleased with Mindanao’s performance and I think that will continue, “he said. Last year, McGeown said the company had seen double-digit growth in Mindanao for the past two years, having invested heavily in Mindanao in the fourth quarter of 2020had, but had no investment plans for Mindanao in the first half of 2021. “[In terms of] additional investments in Mindanao from a manufacturing perspective, currently none but possibly in the third quarter (third quarter) and fourth quarter (fourth quarter),” said McGeown and added that they will be investing in some of their plants in Luzon during the first half of the year. Antiono del Rosario, president of Coca-Cola Philippines, also said there is still potential in the Mindanao consumer market. “We see opportunities in Mindanao from a consumer perspective about boosting consumption and making sure we stay relevant to Mindanao consumers, “said Antiono del Rosario, president of Coca-Cola Philippines, McGeown said in an earlier statement that Mindanao consumers are more open to new products than Metro ManilaIn Meanwhile, the company will invest around $ 63 million, or P306 billion, for 2021 “This is our first investment tranche in 2021 [and will] primarily continue to increase our capacity this time for Luzon. Last year we invested heavily in Mindanao, “said McGeown. He said the company will work on improving the production capacity of its plant in Sta Rosa, Laguna They will also invest in some of their logistics locations and their environmentally friendly trucks, Del Rosario said the company will continue to invest in its brands and digital transformation, “One of the things that we did in 2020 and that we will continue to focus on in 2021 We have noticed that consumer behavior is changing as a result of the pandemic, “he said. Del Rosario said more people stayed at home because of the pandemic.” As a result, we need to turn to make sure we are our consumers use at home, “he said The company posted its products onl From a brand perspective, that means they will continue to push their core brands such as Coke, Royal and Sprite, and the company will also expand its presence with its milk brand Nutriboost and its water brand Wilkins Del Rosario said they are targeting double-digit growth for these brands. Another area of ​​investment is the company’s digital transformation. “We have also doubled investments in digital transformation, not just in the way we market our brand, but also to reach our consumers through e-commerce or food service aggregators. Our consumers are always looking for convenience and we want to be where they are, “said Del Rosario, in the meantime McGeown said about the other tranches of investing for the rest of the year, the company will continue to perform “Once business develops and runs well, we will ask for more investment to build capacity and capabilities in our system, much of it going to production, capacity and capacity mainly in our manufacturing facilities,” he said. McGeown said CCBPI was still going optimistic about the Philippine economy and determined to continue investing in it

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