News – PH – Biden sees “no time to waste” and urges Senate to pass $ 1 9tn covid package


President Biden urged the Senate to act swiftly after the House surpassed its $ 19 trillion Covid-19 aid package as Democrats faced intra-party rifts over the future of pay hikes

The measure was passed largely partisan (219-212) early Saturday, with two Democrats joining all Republicans in the opposition

At the White House on Saturday, Mr Biden said there was “no time to waste” handing the bill over and taking it to his desk, noting that Americans were now closer to getting more vaccinations, 1Get $ 400 relief checks and extra help on the bill

“If we act quickly, decisively and boldly, we can finally get one step ahead of this virus and finally get our economy going again,” said Mr Said Biden “The people of this country have suffered far too much for too long. We need to alleviate this suffering”

Legislators will likely change the legislation before it passes it in the Senate He would send them back to House to approve the amended bill before reaching the president’s desk.Docrats are trying to get the package before Jan. Completed March when certain types of federal unemployment benefits expire

The relief plan would, among other things, improve and expand unemployment benefits, provide $ 350 billion to state and local governments, 1Send $ 400 to many Americans, including funding vaccine distribution, Congress has passed a number of relief measures since the pandemic began, and Democrats say the latest package will help help the country return to normal

Republicans have broadly opposed the legislation, attacking it for being too big and wasteful – especially as provisions for school funding, as well as state and local governments – as the economy shows signs of recovery

“This is not a relief it takes care of the Democrats’ political allies while it doesn’t deliver for American families,” said Kevin McCarthy (R, Chairman of the Minority House of Representatives), Calif)

Attempt to raise the minimum wage to $ 15 an hour by 2025 as part of the bailout package has been questioned after a Senate MP ruling late Thursday The bipartisan MP said the effort would be inconsistent with the Chamber’s rules for laws, passed through a process called reconciliation This allows a bill to avoid a possible filibuster and be approved by 51 votes, but requires it to be tightly budgetary

The result led to a political stress test for Democrats, which was carried out in the first few weeks by Dr Biden’s tenure

Progressive lawmakers were quick to urge Democrats to ignore MP’s decision or abolish the filibuster in order to raise wages. Biden has struggled in the meantime, while Senate Democrats began figuring out a way to get companies to do so Increase the tax rate for employees through tax penalties and incentives to comply with the Senate’s reconciliation rules

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News – PH – Biden sees “no time to waste” and calls on Senate to pass $ 19 tn covid package