News – PH – Bruce Wayne spends billions on being Batman is even worse than fans think


Billionaire Bruce Wayne made some seedy deals to further fund his second job as a crusader from Gotham

As they retell the tender love story of Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy, comic book fans get the tiniest bit of information about the shadier side of what it means to be Batman

Batman has long fought crime in Gotham and used his power, influence and especially his money to defeat bad guys big and small.Batman slips out of his huge mansion every night with his recently acquired child soldier at his side and sets his tactical gear and his globally acquired combat skills to ensure that no one else suffers the loss of his family like young Bruce Wayne had, however, ethical issues have been raised with multiple companies, characters, and fingers in multiple pies, making hard cash for cosplaying as Spending a bat and hitting people

DC’s super Valentine’s Day comic, Love is a Battlefield, features the short comic book “The Beginning” by writer Tim Seeley and artist Rebekah Isaacs, which adds to the argument that the Batman appearance may not be the case as fair as the audience is asked to believe. While Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy remember a girls night out to blow up a Waynetech Automated Distribution Facility, the duo ensure that the website has “no jobs for the community” offers No taxes paid All that was distributed were the CO2 emissions “Without taxes and without jobs, it can only be assumed that more Batmantech than Waynetech was produced at the plant

While Bruce Wayne’s crusade against crime in Gotham might be seen as virtuous, there is an argument for a touch of villainy in building secret sites rather than infrastructure when your pockets are deeper than Scrooge McDuck’s swimming pool in the last By now, readers have taken a closer look at Batman and his crime-fighting strategy.It is clear – or at least according to Poison Ivy and Harley Quinn – that Bruce Wayne is stepping off the top of his business and moving away from R&D to keep Batman in the best of tactical gear, money to buy, given the high crime rates due to poor infrastructure, it’s hard to find a hero who destroys the city and shops every night and when Batman really skims the top of Bruce Wayne’s businesses rather than money back to the community is he still the good one then?

There’s more than enough evidence that the problem could be more Batman than the criminals right now.If your hero has enough money to solve many of the city’s socioeconomic problems, it’s hard to excuse them for making more violent choices instead meet The point has certainly been raised earlier and re-emphasized by Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy Batman isn’t putting enough back into the community he’s supposedly trying to save

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News – PH – Bruce Wayne spends billions to be Batman is worse, than the fans realize
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Bruce Wayne Spends Billions To Be Batman Is Worse Than Fans Realize