News – PH – BYD is set to help Kyoto achieve Japan’s climate neutral target for 2050


Japan’s first all-electric bus loop is being built through the partnership with Keihan Bus and Kansai Electric Power

Representatives at the event (from left to right): Mr Hanada Shinsaku, executive vice president of BYD Japan; Mr. Kazuya Suzuki, President, Deputy Director of Keihan Bus; Mr. Kenichi Fujino, Deputy General Manager, Sales and Marketing Department of Kansai Electric Power (Photo: Business Wire)

KYOTO, Japan – (BUSINESS WIRE) – On Jan. February BYD Japan Co, GmbH (BYD), Keihan Bus Co, GmbH (Keihan Bus) and The Kansai Electric Power Co, Inc (Kansai Electric Power) announced a tripartite deal in Kyoto, Japan where the three parties will work together to help the city achieve Japan’s carbon neutral target by 2050 and build a carbon free society

Starting in 2021, Keihan Bus and Kansai Electric Power will launch the first batch of 4 BYD J6 buses on Kyoto’s famous sightseeing bus route (Kyoto Station – Shichijo Keihan-mae – Umekoji ・ Hotel Emion Kyoto) as part of a five-year demonstration Further promotion of purely electric public transport in Japan This will also be the first ring line in the country to be operated exclusively by electric buses

By analyzing the vehicle operating data and energy-saving results, the project will provide useful experiences to support Keihan Bus’s plan to continue adopting BYD K8-only electric buses and gradually realize a green and carbon-free society in the Kansai region, one of the most important Economic sectors of Japan and industrial centers

As the place where the landmark 1997 Kyoto Protocol was signed, Kyoto is a pioneering city that has seen the world’s active response to climate change.In this sense, this latest agreement is not just an active response to the Japanese government’s goal of making Japan carbon neutral for a carbon-free society to achieve by 2050, but also an effort to achieve the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry ban plan on sales of new gasoline-powered vehicles in the mid-2030s

Keihan Bus operates buses in this world famous destination and has always provided vital travel assistance to the Kyoto tourism industry. The new bus loop connects Kyoto Station, Shichijo Keihan-mae and Umekoji • Hotel Emion Kyoto, served by major tourist attractions such as the Kyoto Railway Museum and the The introduction of electric buses around JR Kyoto Station – the gateway to Kyoto – will further improve the city’s environmental friendliness

“Keihan Bus will celebrate its 100th anniversary next year. We believe the transition from gasoline and diesel vehicles to all-electric vehicles will mark a major turning point in the company’s 100th anniversary,” said Suzuki Kazuya, President, Deputy Director of Keihan Bus

Kansai Electric Power, the second largest electricity company in Japan, will not only build charging stacks and other facilities for the project, but also set up a highly efficient energy management system and analyze and research operational data

“The Kyoto Station is the gateway to Kyoto. The introduction of electric buses in the city is an important step for a decarbonised society,” said Kenichi Fujino, deputy general director of the sales and marketing department of Kansai Electric Power. “We will work fully with Kyoto to achieve to introduce pure electric buses and support subsequent operations ”

BYD’s all-electric buses are quiet, environmentally friendly and cheaper than fuel buses The batteries can also provide emergency power in the event of a disaster. The first batch of BYD J6 buses can be fully charged in just 3 hours with a range of more than 150 kilometers and offers space for up to 29 people

Liu Xueliang, General Manager of BYD Asia-Pacific Auto Sales Division, said: “There are currently 53 BYD electric buses in service across Japan, with a total mileage of approximately 12 million kilometers, which helps keep CO2 emissions to almost 271 tons make us the leader in the country’s electric bus market We will continue to share our electric vehicle technology and experience in Japan and around the world to help achieve a decarbonized society soon “”

Since BYD’s K9 buses first put Kyoto into service in 2015 and successfully opened up the Japanese market, the brand’s buses have been to Okinawa, Fukushima, Iwate, Yamanashi, Tokyo and Nagasaki, as well as many others, for the past six years Places in Japan Thanks to its excellent and reliable product quality as well as its trustworthy after-sales guarantee system, the company has also won the trust of industrialized countries in Germany, the USA, Japan and South Korea

BYD Company Ltd is one of the largest privately owned companies in China. Founded in 1995, the company quickly developed a solid know-how in the field of rechargeable batteries and has worked tirelessly for sustainable development It successfully expanded its renewable energy solutions around the world and has operated in over 50 countries and regions, creating an zero-emission energy ecosystem that includes affordable solar power generation, reliable energy storage and cutting-edge electrified transportation has made it an industry leader in energy and transportation, BYD’s on Listed on the Hong Kong and Shenzhen Stock Exchanges For more information on the company, visit

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News – PH – BYD aims to help Kyoto achieve Japan’s carbon neutral target for 2050
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