News – PH – Calls to stop “bullying” Bimby over handwritten letter and flower gift to Miles Ocampo


Online Filipinos were asked to stop the “bullying” of James Aquino Yap Jr or “Bimby” after giving a letter to actress Miles Ocampo last Valentine’s Day

Based on her Instagram story, Kris Aquino’s younger son, Ocampo, presented a bouquet of flowers with a handwritten note that reads:

“Dear Ate Miles, Maraming, Maraming Salamat, because he ate so loyally Sana, you get a long letter from a friend and not from me, hehe But in all seriousness I will love and respect you forever”

Ocampo shared a picture and wrote “Sweetest Bimb” with a white heart emoji to show her appreciation

Ocampo also shared a picture with the mother-son couple on the photo-sharing platform and pressed Kris February celebrated her birthday, also her recognition from

“From my Nanay Roxanne 8 years ago to today, thank you for loving me. Thank you for everything, tita Kris I always love you, I love you too, Bimb, thanks for being the cutest,” she wrote as the caption / p>

Ocampo also has a clip in which Kris blows a candle out of a cake as part of her Instagram Highlights section

Ocampo worked with Kris on the ABS-CBN drama “Kailangan Ko’y Ikaw” in 2013, in which the latter played a main character named “Roxanne” while the former played a supporting role

Meanwhile, news outlets on Thursday reported Ocampo’s Instagram story about Bimby, which resonated on social media platforms

While some Filipinos found Bimby’s gesture heartwarming, others shared less-than-outstanding comments on his handwriting There were also some malicious comments about him and Ocampo

A Twitter user noticed this and called the local online community for “bullying” the 13-year-old

“Enough Bullying Bimby, Internet There’s nothing wrong with sending your friend a gift Remember He’s Still a Kid If I were the Socmed (social media) manager of the news sites the story was posted on , I would block any nasty comment. Rude comments are inappropriate, ”wrote Jerald Uy

“Kung maganda sulat ng anak mo, then good for you Pero doesn’t have to shame Bimby Hindi lahat pare-parehas maganda sulat,” said the Facebook user

Bimby has been the subject of memes along with older brother Joshua – some offensive – and snappy comments on social media

In 2018, Aquino urged an internet basher to “get a life” after he commented on Instagram that Bimby was “gay” ”

A year earlier, the “Queen of All Media” warned those who made fun of her son that there would be “legal ramifications” “

“I took a screenshot of your negativity (and) we keep a file of comments like this with my attorney Atty Fortun You really must have a boring life to get cheap thrills at the expense of a 10-year-old,” she said in 2017 a critic

According to UNICEF (International Children’s Emergency Fund) of the United Nations, online bullying was “widespread” in the Philippines from 2019

“One third of the cyber violence Filipino children experience is verbal abuse over the Internet or cell phone, while one quarter is through sexual messages,” UNICEF said in a report

“Violence against children in all forms, including online bullying or cyber-bullying, has a devastating effect on the physical and emotional well-being of young people. This can cause permanent emotional and psychological scars, even physical damage,” warned the Vereinte agency Nations

Kris Aquino, Miles Ocampo

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