News – PH – DITO Telecommunity passes the first performance audit


Metro Manila (CNN Philippines, 22 February) – DITO Telecommunity’s offer to become the third major telecommunications company in the country received a boost after its existence The technical audit shows its network capabilities at high broadband speeds

In a statement on Monday, the National Telecommunications Commission said the group had fulfilled its first year commitments

The new player – supported by Davaos Dennis Uy and the state-owned China Telecommunications – promised to provide an average broadband speed of 27 megabits per second in its first year of operation, covering 37% of the country’s population

Citing the results of the technical examination by the independent examiner RG Manabat and CoDITO’s average broadband speed reached a whopping 5075 Mbit / s for 5G and 859 Mbit / s for 4G

The range has now reached 3748% or 37845315 based on 2015 census of 100983124 This corresponds to a total of 8860 barangays

The examiner focused on a percentage of the identified 1600 locations, the 8thCovering 800 barangays in the country

DITO Telecommunity is due to be launched commercially in March of this year and is initially aimed at opening up the markets of Metro Manila, Cebu and Davao

“DITO’s entry is a welcome development in the telecommunications industry,” said the NTC

The regulator stressed that this would pave the way for “healthier competition” in the sector where Filipino consumers could “expect lower prices and improved internet speeds”

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News – PH – DITO Telecommunity passes the first performance audit