News – PH – Duterte is shortening non-working days for 2021


Metro Manila (CNN Philippines, 26 February) – President Rodrigo Duterte has changed the list of public holidays for 2021, stating that fewer days are unemployed as part of efforts to drive economic recovery

Under Proclamation No. 1107, signed on Friday, three previously declared special holidays are now special working days These are Nov. 2 (All Souls Day), Dec 24 (Christmas Eve) and Dec. 31 (New Years Eve)

“In order for the country to recover from the negative effects of the COVID-19 pandemic, economic productivity must be promoted by, among other things, minimizing work disruptions and instead celebrating some special holidays as special (working) days“Duterte’s proclamation was

The country fell into recession after months of uneven quarantine, forcing businesses to close and displacing millions of workers. The government eased quarantine restrictions to reopen the economy

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Rodrigo Duterte, 24 December, 2 November

News – PH – Duterte is shortening the days off for 2021
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Nov 2, Dec 24, Dec 31 now & # 39; special working days& # 39;
# MayPasok: Duterte makes Nov 2, Dec 24 and 31 & # 39; Special working days& # 39;
Duterte shortens non-working days for 2021
Duterte makes All Souls Day, Christmas Eve, New Years Eve& # 39; s Eve special working days