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If you are sending documents to other countries, you must have your documents properly authenticated by a notary public. An apostille is a type of certification that is attached to the document by any competent government official after it has been certified

According to the Hague Conference, an apostille is a certificate that confirms the origin of any type of public document. To use an apostille, both the issuing and receiving countries must be members of the Apostille Convention

You do not have to be a notary to assist in the apostille process, and many documents that require an apostille must first be notarized A notary commission is therefore a plus for you

Below are some lists of documents that may require proper authentication by London Notary Marylabone in order to be used in various countries abroad:

If parents want to adopt a child who lives in another country, they must have their certificate of adoption properly authenticated. This is where the notary is responsible for requesting authentication

Requests for such an authentication certificate are usually sent in writing to the notarial issuing authority in your area and must include:

Based on the destination of the document, the order office decides whether the document requires an apostille or an authentication certificate

Your only responsibility is to notarize the document. Since the document is actually going to be sent to another country, the notarization must be done properly to ensure that there are no problems on the receiving end

For example, some judges who conduct adoption cases in some other countries may reject your documents for improper authentication

You need to keep in mind that with any type of notarized document going through a notary authority, all of the paperwork is checked very carefully, and if there are notarial errors it can also lead to a specific enforcement action against you

You will find that there are some enterprising notaries who may live very close to their Secretary of State and may offer “apostille services” to generate their extra income

Essentially, they provide a courier service for the delivery and return of all the paperwork to be done for the clients. All of this is not considered a “notarial” act and therefore the notary can set a certain relevant service fee with his client

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News – PH – Everything you need to know about notary
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