News – PH – Fisker does not use solid-state EV batteries


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Henrik Fisker’s electric car startup of the same name has given up plans to develop solid-state battery technology and pointed out its lack of short-term viability (including complications) in an interview with The Verge

Fisker said the company feels it is “90 percent there” on solid-state technology, but the final 10% is too difficult given the limitations of current technology. He believes the move to solid-state batteries is a significant one It will require a breakthrough followed by years of development

“Personally, I think they are at least seven years, if not more, in terms of any high-volume format,” he said, “” Once you have a breakthrough in this technology, it will likely take you three years to get mass-produced , and then another three years to do shelf life tests. Even if someone invented it today, it would probably have been at least six years “

“[W] We completely dropped solid-state batteries at this point because we just don’t see them happen,” said Fisker. “Would we do anything in the future? If we did, it would be something completely new, and we obviously have a battery team dealing with the current technology available here, but the solid state battery we were working on simply has no future in the near future at this point “

As to whether Fisker’s abandonment of solid-state technology had anything to do with the company’s settlement of a QuantumScape lawsuit, Fisker cited the nondisclosure clause of the deal and nothing more Fisker has been out since launching its production-line electric electric SUV Ocean , which is manufactured in cooperation with the automotive supplier Magna, shied away from advancing the development of solid-state batteries

Meanwhile, others in the industry remain committed to solid-state battery technology, at least for the time being, Toyota said just months ago that it intends to roll out a solid-state prototype sometime in 2021, with production capabilities expected to be reached by 2025, which would be earlier than it did Fisker predicted but not outrageously, and if anyone has the resources to quickly develop next-generation automotive powertrains, it’s Toyota

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News – PH – Fisker abandons solid-state EV batteries