News – PH – Governor optimistic about the shaping of the legislative period


ALBUQUERQUE, NM. – The legislature took shape when the legislature reached half last week

To date, 30 bills have gone through the committee process, passed on the floor of the house, and sent to the Senate page.One of those bills includes house bill 46, which would allow doctors to prescribe lifelong medication to terminally ill patients

Seventeen Senate bills have been clarified and incorporated into the House bill, including three COVID relief bills for restaurants and small businesses

“I honestly give this session an A, and it’s hard, it’s hard for the public, it’s hard for lawmakers, but I think they are prioritizing the right work,” said Gov Michelle Lujan Grisham during a press conference on Friday

On Friday, two bills cleared both Senate and House chambers and were sent to the governor’s desk for the bill to be signed Senate Bill 10 aims to lift a state ban on abortion and House Bill 11 would pay $ 200 million Provide Dollars in Grants for Economic Facilitation for Small Businesses The governor said she signed both bills

Other high-profile bills, including one that would legalize recreational marijuana and one that would allow New Mexicans to sue local governments in state courts for civil rights violations, are still in the committee process

The governor said she was optimistic that one of these bills would get to her desk by Friday

“I’m optimistic again, there is a lot going on and I’ve seen cannabis fail because it’s complicated, but I see the right movement in both the House and Senate in these debates and I’m confident that they will meet our expectations for security etc. Counting plants and bringing me something up to sign. I feel pretty good doing it, ”she said

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News – PH – Governor optimistic about the shaping of the legislative period
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