News – PH – Heavy traffic is expected in Alabang as Skyway expansion work accelerates


Food, beverage and infrastructure conglomerate San Miguel Corp. (SMC) urged motorists to prepare for heavier traffic conditions in Alabang as it speeds up the construction of the Skyway expansion project

From midnight on Feb. 20, SMC said it would close the tollbooth south of Alabang next to the Alabang Viaduct to make way for “advanced construction”

The project, which is expected to provide a road alternative for motorists in southern Metro Manila, is expected to be completed by June this year, said SMC President and Chief Operating Officer Ramon S Ang said on Wednesday the skyway expansion project is part of the company’s 38-kilometer skyway system

During the Alabang toll gate closure, SMC said that Class 1 vehicles, usually cars, vans, and sport utility vehicles traveling to the Alabang or Alabang-Zapote road may exit the Filinvest toll booth

All vehicle classes traveling to Alabang, Putatan, and National Road could take Susana Toll, turn right on Susana Heights Avenue and access National Road

“Once again we ask our drivers in the south and local residents in the region for their patience and understanding for any delays that may occur in the completion of the Skyway extension. We have taken steps to reduce the impact on you and safety to ensure, “Ang said in the statement

The Skyway Extension project expands the expressway from the Skyway toll booth in Sucat, Paranaque, to Susana Heights on the South Luzon Expressway

This gives motorists access to Skyway 1 and 2, as well as SMC’s recently opened Skyway Stage 3, adding three lanes to the north and two lanes to the south

Once completed, the Skyway extension would make traveling to and from southern Metro Manila and southern Luzon provinces a lot faster and more convenient, particularly with the new Skyway Stage 3 from Buendia, Makati, to the North Luzon Expressway, SMC said / p>
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News – PH – Heavy traffic is expected in Alabang as skyway expansion work accelerates
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