News – PH – How Rani Therapeutics’ robotic pill could transform subcutaneous injection treatment


The idea for this so-called robot pill comes from a research project by InCube Labs, a life science laboratory run by Mir Imran, Chairman and CEO of Rani Therapeutics, who has a degree in electrical engineering and biomedical engineering from from Rutgers University, Imran is a leading figure in life science innovation, having founded more than 20 medical device companies and helped develop the world’s first implantable cardiac defibrillator

While working on the technology behind Rani Therapeutics in San Jose, Imran and his team wanted to find a way to alleviate some of the painful side effects of subcutaneous (or subcutaneous) injections while improving treatment efficacy, “The Technology itself started with a very simple thesis, “Imran said in an interview.” We thought, why can’t we make a pill that contains a biological drug that you swallow, and once it gets into the intestines, it self-converts and delivers a painless injection? ”

Rani Therapeutics’ approach is based on the inherent properties of the gastrointestinal tract, an injection mechanism in the pill is surrounded by a pH sensitive coating that dissolves as the capsule moves from a patient’s stomach to the small intestine, which helps Make sure the pill injects the drug in the right place at the right time.This is where the reactants mix and produce carbon dioxide, which in turn inflates a small balloon that helps create a pressure differential to inject the drug-laden needles into the intestinal wall “So it’s a really well-timed cascade of events that leads to the delivery of this needle,” Imran said

Despite its somewhat mechanical nature, the pill itself does not contain any metal or feathers, which reduces the chance of an inflammatory response in the body.The needles and other components are instead made of injectable polymers, which Imran says have also been used in other medical devices that deliver the Injections to the upper part of the small intestine also have a low risk of infection, as the prevalence of stomach acid and bile from the liver prevents bacteria from growing there easily

One of Imran’s priorities for the pill was eliminating the painful side effects of subcutaneous injections. “It wouldn’t make sense to replace it with another painful injection,” he said, “but biology was on our side because your gut wasn’t the kind of pain sensors your skin has “In addition, giving the injection into the highly vascularized wall of the small intestine allows the treatment to work more efficiently than subcutaneous injection, where the treatment is typically deposited in adipose tissue

Imran and his team plan to use the pill for a variety of indications including growth hormone disorder acromegaly, diabetes, and osteoporosis In January 2020, their acromegaly treatment Octreotide showed both safety and sustained bioavailability in primary clinical trials they hope future clinical ones However, being able to conduct studies for other indications initially decided to prioritize acromegaly as it is a well-established drug, but it is “very painful to inject,” said Imran

Late last year, Rani Therapeutics raised $ 69 million in new funds to help develop and test their platform. “This will fund us for the next few years,” said Imran. “Our approach to business is to make the technology very robust and to make it producible ”

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President Joe Biden on Friday signaled his support for the replacement of decades-long permits for the use of military force in the Middle East, just over a week after relying on permits for an air strike against Iranian-backed militias in eastern Syria, The Biden Government announced its position after a bipartisan law was passed earlier this week to repeal the 1991 and 2002 wars in Iraq, which presidents of both parties relied on to legally justify carrying out strikes in Jen Psaki, White House press secretary, said Biden is determined to work with Congress to “ensure that the permits for the use of military force currently on the books are replaced with a narrow and specific framework that ensures that we can protect Americans from terrorist threats while they end the wars forever ”

An aide to Donald Trump was accused, according to a criminal complaint, of storming the U.S. Capitol and beating a police officer with a stolen shield, Federico Klein, a former Trump campaign employee who worked at the State Department and over a top-secret security clearance is the first member of the administration to be heard in connection with the uprising on Jan. The 42-year-old was arrested by the FBI in Virginia for illegal entry, violent and disorderly behavior, obstruction of Congress and law enforcement, and attacking an officer with a dangerous weapon, among other things Wears a cap that reads “Make America Great Again” and that he “defends himself against officers, tries to take items from officers and attacks officers with a protective shield”

A suspect charged on the fatal Jan Capitol Building Attack speaks from prison in a new interview – offering a unique defense that positions himself simply as the savior of baked goods Jacob Chansley, the Capitol riot suspect, himself self-described as a “QAnon shaman” and photographed with fur and horns during the uprising, spoke to 60 minutes in an interview broadcast on Thursday in which he claimed his “actions were not an attack on.””This country”, as he is faced with up to 20 years in prison for them. “I sang a song and that is part of shamanism,” he said. “” I also prevented people from closing this sacred space, the Senate steal and destroy, okay I actually stopped someone from stealing muffins from the break room. “Chansley neglected to mention that during the deadly riot he allegedly left a threatening note to warn former Vice President Mike Pence,” It is only a matter of time, justice comes “He was accused of” knowingly stepping into or staying in a restricted building “and” forcibly entering and behaving in disorder, “and prosecutors noted that he was during The riot had carried “a spear about 6 feet long” prosecutors also said he had “other Trump supporters who were rioting in the Capitol building The Wall Street Journal reported. Nonetheless, Chansley, who regretted “entering this building,” lamented the fact that former President Donald Trump never pardoned him or any of the Capitol’s other rioters , and said 60 minutes this “wounded me so deeply” and “disappointed me so much.” “Still, Chansley added that he has no regrets about his loyalty to Trump despite not getting the pardon he wanted The” QAnon Shaman “of the attack on the Capitol on Nov. Jan told his story for the first time from prison when he was behind bars for up to 20 years Jacob Chansley spoke to @ 60minutes’ @LaurieSegall BildTwittercom / uhUuFNHRvf – CBS This Morning (@CBSThisMorning) 4 March 2021 More stories from the week Why the Dr Seuss ‘rejection’ is terrifying What Republicans Are Talking About When They Talk About The ‘Working Class’ A shocking number of Democrats voted against a $ 15 minimum wage

American Airlines Co said Friday that a Boeing 737 MAX traveling to Newark Liberty International Airport in New Jersey declared an emergency after the captain shut down an engine due to a possible mechanical problem Engine oil pressure or volume indicator and not anything related to the MCAS system that has been linked to two fatal 737 MAX crashes in 2018 and 2019 that resulted in the 20 month long landing of the plane, Boeing Co said it was aware of the American flight and the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) said it would investigate

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The Dallas Police Department allowed an officer to continue patrolling for more than a year while investigating whether he ordered the killing of two people for not pointing out to him, the former U City Police Chief said Renee Hall, who left the department in late 2020, said in a statement posted on Twitter late Thursday that investigators, working with the FBI, had recommended police officers not to send officer Bryan Riser on administrative leave after he was considered an interested party Person identified in 2019 Hall’s statement came hours after Riser, 36, was arrested on two capital murder cases

Welsh union leader has suggested that the union in its current form is “over” and should be reinvented as a “voluntary association” of four nations. In comments rejected by Downing Street, Prime Minister Mark Drakeford complained about a lack of interaction with Boris Johnson, claiming there was “no institutional architecture to make the UK work” Appearing before the Commons Welsh Affairs Committee, he added, “It’s all ad hoc, random and made up over time, and I’m afraid this is really not a satisfactory basis on which to secure Britain’s future, Mr. Drakeford also described his own relationship to Mr Johnson as “out of the way”, claiming that the limited number of meetings during the pandemic made the “security of Britain’s future” more difficult. He called for a new post-crisis decentralization regime, adding, “I think the impact the pandemic and the past 12 months have polarized opinion in Wales about the way it should be governed “What we have to do is realize that the Union as it is is over We need to create a new union “We need to show people how we can transform Britain into a voluntary association of four N ations in which we pool our sovereignty for common purposes and benefit. “Without the Prime Minister playing his part in all of this, I believe that this undermines the efforts of those of us – and I certainly include myself – who Looking to build a prosperous future for Britain Mr Drakeford’s comments seem to put him at odds with Sir Keir Starmer, who has sought to bolster Labor’s position as a trade union party since taking office as Labor leader last April. Asked about the intervention, the said Prime Minister’s spokesman told reporters that he “absolutely” disagrees with Mr Drakeford’s view of the Union A spokesman for Downing Street later added: “We have faced this virus as a single UK and have worked with decentralized administrations and local partners This will continue when we work together rebuild better “Since the beginning of the pandemic there have been hundreds of meetings and calls with the decentralized administrations and local partners – including the weekly calls between the first ministers, the deputy first ministers and the Chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster” This also included COBR meetings, Committees and dozens of other meetings with UK government ministers and officials This will continue to be an integral part of planning and communicating the overall response “The Prime Minister has always fully supported decentralization and this government continues to put the union at the center of everything we do” Regardless also pushed number 10 back against claims that a second Scottish independence referendum could be held by the end of this year after the SNP’s Westminster leader Ian Blackford suggested that just months after the Holyrood elections in May a new poll could take place A Downing Street spokesman replied, “We were very clear about our position The Prime Minister will be the voice of the majority of the Scottish people who voted firmly to remain part of the UK”He will stand against anyone who tries to break our UK” It was clear to the Scots that they wanted to see the UK government and decentralized administrations work together to defeat this pandemic “

Sen Bernie Sanders (I-Vt) on Friday beat up the Senate MP who decided that a minimum wage hike cannot be included in the Democrats’ COVID-19 aid package when he introduced an amendment designed to do just that Vermont Senator introduced an amendment to the COVID-19 bill to raise the minimum wage to $ 15 an hour over a five-year period, despite Senate MP Elizabeth MacDonough previously ruling that the increase should not be included in the budget vote Some progressives had urged Democrats to override the MP’s decision, a move that Sanders backed “Due to an unfortunate and, in my opinion, misguided decision by the MP, this Reconciliation Act does not include an increase in the minimum wage to $ 15 an hour” Said Sanders “I think it should be, and so do I. think the MP is absolutely wrong “Sanders went on to argue that it was” absurd “that this” unelected employee “could make this decision about raising the minimum wage, arguing that” no MP should have that power “and That Senators Should “Not Shake Off” The Appropriateness Of Vote For Or Against The Raise The White House previously said President Biden “respects the MP’s decision to” oppose the minimum wage increase “and the Senate process,” But NBC News’ s Sahil Kapur noted that Sanders’ amendment “does not currently have 50 votes and must be removed under the Atonement Rules”, “it looks like he intends to put every Senator on record” More stories from the weekWhy the Dr Seuss ‘rejection’ is terrifying What Republicans Are Talking About When They Talk About The ‘Working Class’ A shocking number of Democrats voted against a $ 15 minimum wage

Missile strikes in northern Syria near the Turkish border killed one person and injured at least 11 others on Friday, said Turkish state media and a source from the Turkey-backed faction that controls the region exploded local oil refineries near the cities al-Bab and Jarablus set off large fires, said a witness and Turkish state news agency Anadolu’s source of the National Army, which controls parts of north-western Syria where Turkish troops are present, said rocket strikes caused the explosions and injured 11 people / p>

Government spending that can cost billions or trillions of dollars may seem abstract Siri Stafford / DigitalVision via Getty Images CC BY-NC-ND Congress is about to spend $ 19 trillion to provide Americans with additional coronavirus aid to offer, including 1$ 400 in direct payments and expanded unemployment benefits Opinion polls show the bill has strong support among Republican voters too.But what if you were told that spending level was around $ 15That equates to $ 000 for every household in the US? S? Would it make you less likely to support it even if you liked its provisions? We are accounting professors studying how the presentation of financial information affects individual judgments, our recent work suggests that doing so would reduce most people’s support for spending accounting. Understanding Large Numbers in the Spring 2020 issue of Behavioral Research in Accounting we have Published a study to study whether individuals understand the big numbers associated with government spending.The federal government routinely spends amounts in the millions, billions, and more recently trillions, but those numbers go well beyond what individuals encounter on a daily basis which makes it difficult for most people – and probably lawmakers too – to wrap their heads around them.We hypothesized that showing the cost of government spending per household would make these amounts easier for individuals to understand and assess In our In the study, we conducted an experiment in which people evaluated a hypothetical federal spending proposal that included provisions like vocational training, unemployment benefits, and infrastructure spending, with half of the participants receiving a plan that would cost $ 718 million while the other half received the same proposal with a cost of $ 718 billion saw attendees were randomly given either the full cost of the proposal or the balance sheet per household that’s 5$ 744 for the $ 718 billion version and $ 574 for the $ 718 million We saw no difference in the amount of support received from people who saw the $ 718 million proposal Compared to people who saw the $ 718 billion proposal, despite being 1000 times larger, but people who saw the per household amount expressed significantly less support for the version with the higher In addition, we then showed the per-household printout to the attendees given the totals and noted a similar decrease in support for the more expensive proposal Government spending cut Although liberals were more likely to support the spending proposal than conservatives on average, interestingly enough, both groups became more cost-sensitive when the government spending per household was presented What it means This is not intended to suggest the US Should or Shouldn’t Spend $ 1.9 trillion on Coronavirus Relief Our point is that it’s important to make these big numbers available to voters so they can put the total cost in context and then see for themselves if worth the spending And it could mean that voters were told the cost per household for $ 1 billion bill, would they offer less assistance, one caveat is that converting government spending per household can lead to voters mistakenly believe that they are personally responsible for this amount. Most, if not all, of government funding comes from individual taxpayers, and not all households pay the same share. However, we also found that participants were not more cost-sensitive because they were themselves Felt personally liable, but because they simply be the amount of spending This article was republished by The Conversation, a non-profit news site dedicated to exchanging ideas among academic experts, It is written by: Aaron Saiewitz, University of Nevada, Las Vegas and M David Piercey, University of Massachusetts Amherst Read More: Millions, Billions, Trillions: How To Understand Numbers On The News Coronavirus relief funds could easily pay to stop worst climate change while economies reboot The authors do not work for, consult, own an interest in, or receive funding from any company or organization that would benefit from this article and have not disclosed any relevant affiliations beyond their academic appointment

A St A man from the Louis area fatally shot and killed his estranged wife and two of their children before escaping with the couple’s baby, who was later brought to safety, and killed himself hours later on Friday when officials approached him, authorities said The murders occurred late Thursday in North St Louis County said St Louis County Police Spokeswoman Tracy Panus Police identified the victims Friday as Roseann McCulley, 34, her 13-year-old son Kayden Johnson and their 6-year-old daughter Kaylee Brooks

At least 19 Myanmar police officers have crossed the border into India, indicating growing disagreement among security and public service officials opposed to the military coup. The first reported case of police escaping the country came , when one of the country’s finest diplomats stepped down from the United Nations after being promoted to ambassador by the junta Tin Maung Naing, the deputy envoy, refused to accept Kyaw Moe Tun, the current ambassador, the last Was sacked by the generals week after urging the countries of the 193-member UN General Assembly to use “all means necessary” to reverse the coup that ousted the nation’s elected leader, Aung San Suu Kyi, which signaled in Washington Myanmar Embassy on Thursday also broke with the military regime It issued a statement deciphering the deaths of civilians protesting the coup and called on authorities to “exercise extreme restraint. Nine Foreign Ministry officials were arrested last month after joining a movement in Myanmar’s capital, Naypyitaw for Civil Disobedience (CDM), which aims to prevent the military from ruling the country by organizing nationwide strikes. Thousands have joined the CDM, originally started by the medical profession, but now bankers, civil servants and small ones Has picked up bags from police officers

The Senate on Thursday voted to draw President Biden’s $ 1 billion in coronavirus aid bills, but the start of a controversial debate has been postponed until the full text of the 628-page bill has been read

Russia’s dreaded riot police have launched an online commercial flash in the weeks since nationwide protests erupted against the imprisonment of Kremlin critic Alexei Navalny Police forcibly dispersed tens of thousands of people who participated in three protests across Russia that spanned January and early February, when Navalny returned to the country from Germany and was later jailed for two and a half years.Since then, riot police have posted hundreds of times for jobs on job websites such as HHru, run by Headhunter Group, Avito and Superjobru

A woman was caught on film insulting an Asian American over an argument over boxes in a grocery parking lot in the Gravesend neighborhood of Brooklyn, New York. When asked why she was racist towards the man, she mocked him, “Call the police”

The authorities erected high steel barriers against the National Palace of Mexico City ahead of the planned protests on the occasion of International Women’s Day on Monday. The colonial palace is located in the huge central square of the city and is the place where President Andrés Manuel López Obrador lives and works López Obrador has been involved in verbal sparring games with feminists for the past few weeks after his Morena party nominated a man accused of rape as a candidate for governor of the southern state of Guerrero

The Senate began debating its version of the $ 1 $ 9 trillion economic aid bill on Thursday, which will usher in a multi-day process

data: FactSet; Graphic: Axios Visuals Oil and gas prices rose on Thursday after the Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) and allied manufacturers announced on Thursday that they would extend production cuts until April world’s largest producers, and anticipation of a recovery in global demand fueled as more countries emerge from coronavirus lockdowns Axios Markets gives you market news worthy of your time Subscribe for FreeCrude oil has been a powerful commodity this year, with variants like gasoline and diesel also achieved big gains of 386% and 243% in 2021 The Intrigue: OPEC has taken an incredulous approach to the massive recovery, suggesting that prices could rise even more significantly in the coming months, Saudi Energy Minister Abdulaziz Bin Salman told journalists on a virtual Thursday press conference that “the jury is still not informed about the future of the oil market” “At the risk of sounding like a stuck record, I would like to once again urge caution and vigilance” before we take our next step forward , we should be sure that the glimmer we see in front of us is not the headlight of an oncoming express train”What’s Next: Gas Prices in the USAS have already hit an annual high, and experts had predicted that they could continue to rise even before the unexpected widening of production cuts by OPEC, in addition to the price drivers at the pump, this could have an impact on the cost of air travel and the price of imported goods due to global growth Supply chain disruptions and increased inflation expectations have already risenMore from Axios: Subscribe to receive the latest market trends at Axios Markets Subscribe for free

A 40-year-old man was arrested after attacking and killing a 74-year-old Filipino man in Phoenix last month, according to police responded to a call in a Kentucky Fried Chicken parking lot on 17th Avenue and Bethany Home Road on February 16 about 11:20 am according to the ABC15 Falcon was walking when alleged suspect Marcus Williams suddenly hit him, causing his head to fall Touched the ground, said the police

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News – PH – How the robotic pill from Rani Therapeutics could change subcutaneous injection treatment