News – PH – Identical twins, 19, are the first to perform sex reassignment surgery together


Teenage twins were the first to do sex reassignment surgery together The siblings both had the surgery this month – and felt “magical” after the results

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Meet the teenagers who became the world’s first twins to have sex change surgeries at the same time

Mayla Phoebe de Rezende and her sister Sofia Albuquerck, 19, on April 13 and 14 February the operations in the southern Brazilian municipality of Blumenau received

The operations were successful and the couple are now enjoying life as women – and describe their first shower after the procedure as “magical”

Mayla told local media, “We have always done everything together and recently fulfilled our dream of having sex change surgery and becoming the first trans twins in the world to do so””

She hopes sharing her story will help raise awareness about sex reassignment surgery – and give hope to other transgender people

Mayla explained: “There are many trans women who give up because the waiting list in the public health system is too long and there is only one private clinic that does the procedure in Blumenau”

Mayla recalled: “It was very difficult at school. Some classmates even threw notebooks at my head”

But no matter what society made of them, the siblings had the support of their family members

The twins’ families are so supportive of her that her maternal grandfather even sold a house he owned to fund her sex reassignment surgery

Mayla stated, “He’s very open-minded, my goal now is to go to medical school and buy another house for my grandparents to repay their gesture”

After Mayla and Sofia rounded up enough money, they were monitored for years before their surgery

While it’s been a long journey for the couple, they are finally feeling happy with their bodies

Mayla added, “Before I was sedated in the hospital, I still couldn’t believe my dream was coming true

“When I woke up I couldn’t believe it. It’s something that is still sinking in. I don’t feel this discomfort anymore when I lie down or sit down. It’s a wonderful thing …

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The twins have received messages of support from around the world since their story went viral

She said, “We want to be mothers, adopt our children, and we also want to help trans people fight for their dreams and not give them up”

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News – PH – Identical twins, 19, are the first to perform sex change operations together