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Ji Soo’s Keyeast company issued a press release after the actor was accused of college violence

On 2 An article was posted on a web-based discussion forum by someone accusing Ji Soo of perpetrating college violence on March 25th. The author (hereafter known as “A”) admitted that she was at the same faculty from 2006 to 2008 of the center as Ji Soo went to write, “Kim Ji Soo had an even bigger construct than the rest of the youth of his age. From his sophomore year on the centre’s faculty in 2007, he roamed the university as a felon performing all kinds of dangerous acts Criminals at the time were quite systematic along with Kim Ji Soo. At first it was unthinkable to choose a fight with Kim Ji Soo and the criminals.If any member of this group found something even a bit uncomfortable, they would all beat that person up and turn them into offensive ones and thorough trampling ”

A claimed that Ji Soo and his friends forced his classmates to buy them cigarettes and threw meals and laughed at various college students during lunch

A continued, “I was bullied by Kim Ji Soo and the offenders in 2008, my third year in the faculty of the center. The term“ bullying ”will not be enough to explain everything I used to suffer from all kinds of violence College How Outcasts, Violence, Blackmail, Insults, and Abusive Language It all started when B, one of many offenders in Kim Ji Soo’s group, received reward certificates from another scholar I went to B and mentioned that I would report them to the police would if they didn’t return the reward certificates

“These habits of mine were an act of opposition. After that my unusual life at the faculty turned into horror. They were cautious, perhaps because I advised them to report them to the police. They sent various classmates to harass me, so they don’t cause trouble ”

A wrote that the classmates ordered by the offenders always came here to throw extremely insulting curses on them, and that the offenders introduced the students in the school that anyone who spoke to A was speaking to A defines that she is not allowed to walk freely around the faculty for fear of working in Ji Soo who allegedly curses at A and hits her on the top or the cheek. A added that Ji Soo is a BB- Carrying gun around and firing it at college students for amusement

A affirms, “What I wrote here is hardly what I learned” right away, “and there are many additional people who have been affected by particularly critical cases of college violence committed by Kim Ji Soo. I wanted to write a few of these down here, but [the victim] may not need it, so I didn’t. To be honest, compared to what the other kids were doing back then, my expertise won’t be much Just because the opposite cases are particularly nasty and extreme doesn’t mean that what came to mind should be viewed lightly ”

One last wrote, “What I want won’t be compensation or apology. All parts have already occurred and I don’t want to apologize for something that can’t be undone, and I can’t imagine that [the apology] could be honest There is only one factor I would like to have Kim Ji Soo If you want to appear, do it However, keep the title of “Faculty Abuser” at the entrance of your identity in your heart forever. Become like me The numerous people who bullied you always remember this memory ”

After A put up, two additional people came here to discuss their experience. One person claimed Ji Soo always hit them and the other person admitted that Ji Soo berated them

This is our place on the content material in the posts about our actor Ji Soo that unfold in online communities

First, because a really long time has passed because the time that is being addressed is being asked for your understanding that you need time to confirm the reality

We will be gaining experience on this matter via email ([email protected]) and collecting the data as it is without skewing anything when the creators of the post and the others who came here To make this possible, we’d like to hear your ideas right away

In addition to confirming the details, the company and our actors will do our best to resolve this matter. We apologize for the concern of many people

Aside from this concern, however, we urge you not to create and post items that have not been verified using the information that is discreetly unfolding

Ji Soo is currently starring in the drama “River The Place the Moon Rises”

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News – PH – Ji Soo Agency Issues Statement in Response to Allegations of School Violence – TheNewsTrace