News – PH – KJ Apa compares work on “Riverdale” to “in jail”


KJ Apa recently admitted feeling “so free” after six seasons of “Riverdale” in which he played Archie Andrews

The 23-year-old actor, who is from New Zealand, shared his experience while speaking about his latest film “Songbird” in an interview with Demi Moore for Interview Magazine

“I felt so free from a show where I felt in jail most of the time,” said KJ

“There are so many restrictions on what I can and can’t do. With this character, it was like,” Wow, that’s how it is to really express myself naturally “I wasn’t covered in makeup or hair products I had long hair and a beard I just felt free, “he added

Apa went on to say he was grateful to be part of “Riverdale” but admitted to feeling the weight of it

“I am so grateful for the show and its success, but at the same time there is a lot of baggage associated with this success. I feel that the only people I can talk to about my problems are my colleagues, the people that can really relate to me, ”he added

KJ shared how he opened up to Cole Sprouse, who plays Jughead Jones on the show, describing him as an “amazing person” “

The actor also spoke about how he dealt with the pressure and criticism from fans after playing Archie

“I try to look at it from a fan’s perspective to understand how they think. But sometimes I think,” Wow, they really have no idea that we are real people. They can’t part with our characters ” You don’t have that in other professions. They don’t analyze the life of a building contractor and judge the decisions he makes in his life with his wife and children, ”said KJ

“As an actor, I am judged by everything: my political opinions, my opinions about drugs, my opinions about the people I want to be with, everything I had to put up with,” he added

KJ, who played the series’s title character for almost six seasons, is now starring alongside Sofia Carson in “Songbird”

According to Variety, the film is a pandemic thriller about a courier trying to rescue the woman he loves from a quarantine camp- Margaret Claire Layug / JCB, GMA News

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News – PH – KJ Apa compares work on ‘Riverdale’ to ‘in prison’