News – PH – Korean actor Kim Ji Soo, charged with school bullying and sexual assault, apologizes to previous victims


Korean actor Ji Soo has been investigated on allegations of school bullying and sexual assault A person who claimed to be the schoolmate of the moon rising star from 2006-08 claimed the K-drama actor is a “tyrant” and a “sexual predator”

On 2 A post was uploaded to an online forum on March 25th, accusing Ji Soo of perpetrating violence at school. The prosecutor wrote, “Kim Ji Soo was taller than the other children his age from the second year of his life Middle school in 2007 he roamed school as a felon and did all sorts of bad deeds

The person continued, “I was bullied by Kim Ji Soo and the offenders in 2008, my third year of middle school. The word” bullying “is not enough to describe everything I have been a victim of all kinds of violence in school, such as outcasts, violence, extortion, insults and abusive language I don’t need an apology for something that can’t be undone And I don’t think [the apology] would be sincere There’s only one thing I want Kim Ji Soo If you want to act, do it But keep the title “School violent” forever in your heart before your name Like me, the countless people who bullied you will never forget this memory ”

Following this, other classmates accused Ji Soo of sexual violence. Another anonymous user came forward and accused him of being a “womanizer” He also reportedly accused him of having sex with a middle school student in a bathroom

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Ji Soo’s Keyeast Entertainment agency made a statement stating that it will investigate the matter and it will take some time, Soompi reported, “We are seriously considering this incident and will do our best to verify the facts,” they said / p>

The actor himself posted a handwritten apology that reads, “I sincerely apologize to the people who have suffered because of me. There is no excuse for my past wrongdoing. It was things that cannot be forgiven”

The KBS drama River Where the Moon Rises started filming for today, Jan. March, canceled and discussed whether Ji Soo should be replaced as the main actor after his bullying scandal

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News – PH – Korean actor Kim Ji Soo, charged with school bullying and sexual assault, apologizes to previous victims