News – PH Law Stops Duterte’s Pork Import Plan vs. Inflation for now


MANILA, Philippines – The Duterte government is legally required to cut pork import tariffs during the session of Congress, which is a major blow to the government’s ongoing inflation war and questioning consumer aid promised, already to be underway

While he is already on his desk, President Rodrigo Duterte cannot sign a draft executive order allowing more pork imports “during the session of Congress”, Customs Commissioner Ernesto Albano said in a text message “(It is) very clear” he

According to Section 1608 of the Customs and Customs Code, the president may only tinker with tariffs when the legislature is not in session. Otherwise the tariff laws would have to go through the typical and lengthy legislative process

This is a recent obstacle to ongoing government efforts to break a 400 hole in Africa due to the African swine flu that infected pigsCrushing 000 Tons into Pork Supply Indeed, any delay in allowing further shipments could ease pressures to slow inflation that hit a 2-year high of 4.2% in January

The legal regulation states that Duterte will only open the EO on 27 March is allowed to sign, one day after the current legislative period a long break until 16 May starts that is 4 days before the expiry of the Executive Order No. 124, who set price caps on pork and chicken products for 60 days to temporarily fix the food problem

In his briefing on Monday, the President’s spokesman, Harry Roque, did not mention this situation and even went so far as to point out that Duterte is ready to sign the EO. “We can assume that the President has given orders to Increase in the MAV will sign, “he said in Filipino

The PO consists of two components.First, it increases the minimum entry volume (MAV) for pork imports exponentially from the current 50400 tons to 404210 tons, which, according to the Agriculture Department, represents the current supply bottleneck on this point alone, the executive has a lot of persuasion to do with the fact that Senators think the plan is too big to kill the local pig sector

“You are killing the local industry,” Senator Cynthia Villar, chairwoman of the Senate Agriculture Committee, told agricultural officials during a Senate hearing on Monday, “We are okay with importing, but tariffs should be imposed”

Senator Imee Marcos agreed with Villar “Can’t you just do the regular import because we all know consumers can afford imported pork So why are we lowering tariffs while we expand MAV? That’s too much,” said Marcos

However, the increase in the MAV is only part of the EO.Although there is no legal obstacle for the President to increase imports now, the effectiveness of the provision depends on the drastic reduction in the current tariffs from the current 40% to 5% compared to those under MAV together

Shipments that arrive outside of MAV are charged at a higher 15%, although currently still well below 40%

Currently, under law, tariff adjustments can only be made by Congress through the passage of a bill.One solution for the PO to thrive would be for Congress to take an unscheduled hiatus to allow the President to go the faster way that plan was made in August 2018 Enacted when another PO that wanted to cut tariffs on corn and fish was supposed to stop inflation, which rose to 5.2%

Senate President Vicente Sotto III said in a text message that the Chamber was ready to temporarily suspend the session and give way to the EO, “If necessary, House Speaker Lord Allan Velasco has not responded to the request for comment

From Sotto’s response it emerged that Malacañang had not asked Congress to abandon the session just so the EO could continue.If this stayed that way, it would take about 1 month for the EO to be issued, and more than that until imports can arrive

Meanwhile, numerous market vendors in Metro Manila have stopped selling pork again as sellers are violated by retail price caps enforced without controlling wholesale prices.Some vendors have also stopped selling chicken because of supplies dwindled and consumers switched to the protein source

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News – PH – Law stops Duterte’s pork import plan vs. Inflation for now
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