News – PH – Lockdown: Boris Johnson Reveals Plan To End UK Restrictions By Dec. 21 June


A new four-step plan to facilitate the lockdown of England could remove strict limits on social contact by May 21 June cancel if stringent conditions are met

Shops, hairdressers, gyms, and outdoor hospitality could begin on Dec. Reopening April in England according to the Prime Minister’s plans

From the 17th Two households may be allowed to mix in houses, while the rule of six may apply in places like pubs

Four tests on vaccines, infection rates and new coronavirus variants must be performed at each stage

Prime Minister Boris Johnson told MPs the plan aims to be “cautious but irreversible” and that decisions will be guided by “data, not data” at every stage

There is “no credible path to a zero-covid UK or a zero-covid world,” he said

Mr. Johnson later said at a press conference on Downing Street that the coming spring and summer are “seasons of hope that look and feel incomparably better for all of us”

He described the plan as a “one-way street to freedom” but said he could not guarantee that it was irreversible, “but the intent is that it should be so”

The first data on the UK’s coronavirus vaccine launch suggest it is having a “spectacular” impact on ending serious illnesses

Secondary school students have access to tests and are required to wear face covers in classrooms and common areas such as corridors

There will be a break of at least five weeks between subsequent steps in the plan so that the effects of changes on infection rates and hospital admissions can be assessed

In the second step from the 12th April could reopen large parts of the economy:

However, more comprehensive rules for social contact still apply in all environments This means that no mixing of indoor spaces between different households is allowed

Mr Johnson confirmed the end of the hospitality curfew – and the requirement to have a large meal in addition to alcohol

He said a review of international restrictions on vacation travel would not be available until Jan. Announced April

The third step is from the 17th May take place – if the data allows – and the “rule of six” for outdoor gatherings abolished and replaced by a limit of 30 people:

Mr Johnson said this move would also “take into account the potential role of Covid status certification” – which could relate to so-called “vaccination records” – in safely reopening indoor spaces

Before step four, ministers will conduct a review of social distancing and other “long-term measures” to reduce transmission, including the “one meter plus” rule and wearing face coverings

They will also consider repealing the “work from home” guidelines that the government says people should continue to follow until the review is complete

In the fourth step from the 21st By June all legal restrictions on social contact may be lifted and the finally closed economic sectors such as nightclubs will reopen

The government hopes that from this date restrictions on weddings and funerals will also be lifted

Those responsible for music and events asked for more financial support for the sector The head of a live music trading organization said his industry would be “back in the queue to reopen” once restrictions are lifted

Union leader Sir Keir Starmer welcomed the plan but said certainty about the future of the government’s vacation program was needed for both businesses and workers

Prof Neil Ferguson of Imperial College London said he thinks the roadmap has struck the “right balance” – but cautioned against schools reopening due to the risk of increasing the number of cases reported every day

Sir Patrick Vallance, UK Chief Scientific Advisor, later said at the Downing Street briefing that it was “very important” to allow a five-week break between changes in the roadmap to avoid “flying blind”

Sir Patrick also said “basic measures” – such as face covering in certain situations, hand washing and self-isolation – might be required next winter

The vaccines are working well and infection rates have quintupled since the start of the year

The answer lies in the mountain of data released by the government when it unveiled its roadmap

It was found that a rapid relaxation of restrictions would lead to an increase in deaths in summer and a total of 80 by mid-2022Could result in 000 deaths

There is great uncertainty in such scenarios – for one thing, the seasonal effects that the warmer weather could cause by reducing the spread of the virus have not been taken into account

The gradual increase could compare this to around 30Reduce 000 that would balance it with the kind of deaths we could see during a bad winter of flu

UK Senior Medical Advisor Prof Chris Whitty says this should be the context in which we are now judging Covid

The decentralized nations have the power to set their own restrictions, but have moved in largely the same direction, albeit at different speeds, during the pandemic

First Minister Nicola Sturgeon said Scotland would return to a tiered system of restrictions if lockdown measures were eased

This means that different parts of the country may be subject to different rules, Ms Sturgeon added that she would set out the likely stages for restrictions to be gradually lifted on Tuesday

In Wales, First Minister Mark Drakeford is hoping that the home stay requirement will end within three weeks and that some non-essential stores and hairdressers may reopen at the same time

Northern Ireland’s First Secretary Arlene Foster would like her executive to discuss the reopening date for schools following Mr Johnson’s announcement in England

One participant suggested he was speaking “gibberish” when comparing his route map to a highway trip

What annoyed some MEPs was an apparent lack of flexibility in the plan, with restrictions not being lifted “before” certain dates

He was asked to keep the option open to bring these dates forward if the dates allowed, but there was “no backtracking” during the five week wait between steps

The Prime Minister also said that “a debate needs to be held” on domestic vaccination certificates

On Monday another 10641 coronavirus cases reported, along with an additional 178 deaths within 28 days of a positive test

More than 17, according to the latest government figures, 7 million people across the UK have now received at least one dose of vaccine

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News – PH – Lockdown: Boris Johnson reveals plan to end restrictions on England by May 21 June end