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The temporary collapse of the earth’s magnetic field before 42000 years ago caused a great crisis Climate changes that led to global environmental shifts and mass extinctions

As a new international study from the University of New South Wales (UNSW), Sydney and the Museum of South Australia showed, this dramatic turning point in Earth’s history came about, mixed with thunderstorms, diffuse aurors and cosmic rays from the reflection of the magnetic poles the earth and the changing solar wind The results were published in the journal Science (see also: Researchers fly things that are powered by light)

“For the first time in history we were able to pinpoint the timing and environmental impact of a recent magnetic pole reflection Chris Tourney, professor at the University of New South Wales and co-lead author on the study

Discoveries were made possible thanks to ancient New Zealand curry trees that have been in existence for more than 40 years000 years ago are preserved in sediments “By using old trees, we were able to measure and date the increase in radioactive carbon in the atmosphere caused by the collapse of the Earth’s magnetic field,” Tourney said in a statement

While scientists already 41-42000 years ago knew that the magnetic poles were temporarily reversed, they did not know exactly how life on earth was affected, if at all, but researchers were able to create a detailed timeline of how the earth’s atmosphere changed during that time by making rings analyzed in ancient kauri trees

“Kauri trees like Rosetta Stone help us standardize records of environmental changes in caves, ice cores and bogs around the world,” says Associate Professor Alan Cooper, researcher emeritus at the Museum of South Australia

The researchers compared the newly created timeline with records from locations across the Pacific and used them to model the global climate They found that the growth of ice sheets and glaciers in North America and major changes in the main belts of wind and tropical storm systems could be traced back to the Adams event that the researchers launched through British science fiction writer Douglas Adams have

It was a time when random cosmic events coincided with extreme environmental changes She was born 42000 years ago found all over the world

One of his first indications was that the megafauna in Australia and Tasmania were simultaneously threatened with extinction during this period

“It never seemed to be true because it was a long time after the Aboriginal arrival, but around the same time the Australian environment was changing to the current arid state,” says Professor Cooper. The paper suggests this Event could explain many other evolutionary mysteries, such as the extinction of the Neanderthals and the sudden and widespread appearance of plastic art in caves around the world

The Colombian physicist Santiago Andres Triana from the Belgian Royal Observatory comments on this The reflection of magnetic poles is a phenomenon that has occurred many times in the past and the exact causes of which are not fully understood

“We know that the magnetic field is created by the dynamo effect in the earth’s base fluid. Currents in this ocean of liquid iron create magnetic fields which in turn provide more energy for these currents This creates a feedback process that results in a magnetic field as wide as what we are currently observing, however, this process is not completely stable, Triana says, the magnetic reversal that happened before 42000 years ago, evidence of this is

Triana adds: “During this relatively short period of reversed polarity, the magnetic field strength was much lower than the normal intensity. This means that more radiation from the electrically charged particles of the sun can reach the surface of our planet, causing massive damage to the ozone layer and thus the climate and the environment in general will be adversely affected “

According to Triana, the magnetic field is currently weakening, albeit relatively slowly: “We also know that” oscillations “occur periodically in the magnetic field, as can currently be observed due to the fast drift of the magnetic north Poles from Canada to Siberia

The magnetic reversal revealed by the Laschamps event, as the phenomenon described in the study is called, shows that sudden changes in the Earth’s interior can occur on a very rapid (geological) time scale and that they can affect the viability of our planet It is therefore important to examine and understand the processes taking place in the Earth’s core as precisely as possible. Our future may depend on it, ”says Triana

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News – PH – Magnetic inversion that led to the extinction of Neanderthals – Science – Life