News – PH – Marshall Plan for Mothers: Fight for Equal Pay (Pt 2)


As efforts to close the wage gap continue, efforts are underway on Capitol Hill, too. KDKA’s John Shumway spoke to a Pennsylvania congressman about the plan

HEATHER ABRAHAM: During this Month of Women’s History, efforts will be made to help mothers displaced from work to stay home and care for families. A multitude of celebrities are now backing the Marshall Plan for moms it recognizes efforts to place a home order and makes up for it for the first time john shumway is here to explain you know john you often hear mothers say it’s a ungrateful job but someone has to do right?

JOHN SHUMWAY: Yeah absolutely, and historically they were never paid for it, the number that really hits the headlines is 2$ 400 a month, about $ 600 a week But the journey goes on Congressman Madeleine Dean says it was necessary even before the pandemic

MADELEINE DEAN: Before the pandemic, I saw an urgent need for a Marshall Plan for mothers, but now with the pandemic, the need is only being revealed even more

Women have disproportionately lost their jobs, their jobs and their livelihood And so we definitely need some kind of Marshall Plan for mothers in our society. I love that term for it

JOHN SHUMWAY: From the suburb of Philly, Congressman Dean tells me that mom’s help has to start with childcare

MADELEINE DEAN: It would include universal childcare I think this will be the first step towards equality for women in terms of their careers and for their families

JOHN SHUMWAY: And then there’s the idea of ​​a monthly paycheck for mom, up to 2$ 400

MADELEINE DEAN: It’s not easy to raise a family on a single salary, so is that a realistic option? Sure it should be regular compensation, or at least disaster relief for families. That’s what we have to do in this economic recession

JOHN SHUMWAY: Yeah, how fast is unknown. And she says a minimum wage of $ 15 is also an important part of the Marshall Plan

There are several things here, Heather – the need to get family help and the need to reassure women that they can get back to the workforce they evicted during the pandemic and to a livable wage, which is more closely aligned with what men earn

HEATHER ABRAHAM: All very, very important, John. I’m so glad you’re talking about this today, but we know these are not new topics

JOHN SHUMWAY: No. You certainly are not, but the difference here is numbers. The pandemic has marginalized so many women and has put the spotlight on this urgent need to address childcare issues. It really costs families that it Given the legislature is right, and it’s a bit hard to ignore, we’ll see what to do with it

HEATHER ABRAHAM: I know this has been such a stressful year for so many of my mom friends going through this. So John, I’m glad you talked about it today

President Joe Biden and the Democrats in Congress are moving their agenda with a sense of urgency, an unapologetically partisan approach based on the calculation that moving forward with the huge COVID-19 bailout and other priorities is better than Wasting time wooing Republicans must never compromise The pandemic is driving the rush of legislative action, but also the still raw emotions of the U.S. The siege of the Capitol and the tough lessons of the last Democrats had control of Washington. The Republicans are blocking Biden’s agenda, as was Barack Obama during the devastating financial crisis in 2009

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North Korean leader Kim Jong Un stressed the importance of the role that city and county secretaries-general are playing in improving people’s lives and conducting its five-year economic policy, state news media KCNA said on Thursday that North Korea’s drastic containment measures were taken of COVID-19 has exacerbated human rights abuses and economic difficulties, including reports of hunger, for its citizens already plagued by international sanctions, a United Nations investigator said Kim said the city and district chief secretaries are responsible for looking after their residents and urged them to initiate a new “turning point” to develop their territories in line with its new five-year strategy unveiled at the January convention

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Federal health officials urge Americans to continue wearing masks in public, distance themselves socially, and wash their hands

The Department of Defense inspector-general released a scathing report on Wednesday of the conduct of Ronny Jackson, now a congressman from Texas, while serving as the White House’s top doctor. The internal investigation found Jackson made “sexual and disparaging” comments on one Subordinates, violating presidential alcohol consumption guidelines, and taking prescription sleeping pills that raised concerns among his colleagues about his ability to receive adequate medical care, the year-long investigation of Jackson, who was elected to the House of Representatives in November, investigated allegations regarding his behavior during his time in the service of both Presidents Barack Obama and Donald Trump

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, according to a new study

Equal pay for equal work, wages

News – PH – Marshall Plan for Mothers: Fight for Equal Pay (Pt 2)
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