News – PH – MVP doubts parks as TNT star goes on vacation


MANILA – It seems like Ray-Ray Parks’ decision to bid farewell to TNT for the upcoming PBA season didn’t sit well to nothing less than team owner Manny Pangilinan

The manager called out the now-embattled Tropang Giga winger on Saturday night by posting a picture that questions the real reason for his sudden interruption in play

In a social media statement, Parks said that he is handling some family affairs in the United States that were later revealed to be taking care of his mother

But Pangilinan countered Parks’ testimony with a photo taken last month of him and what appears to be a shared fan in San Juan, La Union’s surf center

“I don’t see a mother being cared for, and as far as I know, La Union is nowhere near California,” Pangilinan


He even urged fans to weigh the image and the statement from Parks, saying, “See for yourself”

The Tropang Giga shared Pangilinan’s testimony on their social media accounts, which further fueled tension between the tycoon – and perhaps the entire team – and the former UAAP and ABL Most Valuable Player

A source then told Dugout Philippines that Parks’ mother, Marifer Barbosa-Parks, is actually doing fine in California, which is not at all worrying

Later that night, an Instagram video by surfing champ Roger Casugay showing parks doing a battle rope exercise went viral

Casugay actually posted the video around the same time that Parks announced his leave of absence from TNT, which could mean Parks is currently still in San Juan

What really worries Parks isn’t final right now, but this free agency drama is certainly not over yet

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News – PH – MVP doubts parks as TNT star goes on vacation
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