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Researchers are exploring ways to provide a sustainable source of the rare earth magnets needed for electric and hybrid vehicles

Over the past 30 years, their use has increased dramatically, and while they are becoming increasingly important in moving to a low-carbon economy, less than 1% of these magnets are currently being recycled

The £ 2 6-meter E-Machine Recycling Rare Earth Recycling (RaRE) project, run by the University of Birmingham and Bentley Motors and funded by the Office for Low Emission Vehicles (OLEV), will look for opportunities to achieve the first goal End-to-end supply chain for recycled rare earth magnets in the UK

The RaRE project will build on technologies developed by the University’s Magnetic Materials Group The technology known as Magnetic Scrap Hydrogen Processing (HPMS) extracts rare earth metals from waste electronics by breaking them into a powder that is easily separated from the lets separate remaining components

The project aims to develop a method of recycling magnets from computer hard drives to rare earth magnets for use in bespoke auxiliary motors

Nick Mann, General Manager Operations at HyProMag, said: “RaRE is an exciting project and a fantastic opportunity

With HyProMag’s recycling technologies, we can produce NdFeB magnets with significantly lower costs for embedded carbon than when using new goods and independently of the Chinese supply We are working closely with our major shareholder Mkango Resources to continue growing the business

“We are proud to work with established, innovative and renowned companies in the RaRE project, with whom we can showcase the technologies of the entire RaRE project – recycled magnets used for innovative products in a prestigious application”

Jon Bray, R&D manager in the zero-emission vehicle office, added: ‘We are delighted to be supporting this innovative project to bring the UK to the fore in the design, manufacture and use of zero-emission vehicles’

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News – PH – New project delivers sustainable magnets for EV production – Air Quality News
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