News – PH – North Bay residents line up to get free emergency radios at Giveaway


OAKMONT (KPIX) – If a NOAA radio gift held in Sonoma County on Wednesday were signs of years of wildfires people in North Bay are ready to take action ahead of the upcoming fire season >

“We actually went through two of the fires 2017 and then last year, ”said resident Jackie Simons.“ Evacuated for a week every time, you know? In the middle of the night ”

Ask anyone who showed up at the Oakmont emergency radio giveaway on Wednesday who likely had more than one fire story

“I take care of my mother and she is in a wheelchair,” said Maria Ferjancsik from North Bay. “So we have had to evacuate twice in the last three or four years”

Everyone in this part of Sonoma County has now become aware of the importance of communication, especially when things collapse

“In 2017 we lost more than 68 cell phone towers,” explained Paul Lowenathal of the Santa Rosa Fire Department they are ready to receive emergency notifications in Santa Rosa and Sonoma Counties ”

Thanks to the largest FEMA grant of its kind, a total of 12000 radios issued On the first day of the giveaway, so many people showed up that the fire department was a little overwhelmed, but they weren’t entirely surprised

“Definitely,” added Ferjancsik, “And everyone is commenting that this is a light year for rain, so everyone is concerned again”

“It makes you nervous,” said Simons. “It’s hard to live like this, but we get used to it I think”

Firefighters say the calls and questions will come earlier this year, similar to the anticipated fire hazard

“With the drought, we will likely have a critical lack of moisture here in Sonoma County as well as in North Bay,” said Lowenathal,

Three more radio advertising days are planned, although events may depend on supply and demand for the equipment. For more information on the promotional gifts planned, please visit the Santa Rosa Fire Department website

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News – PH – North Bay residents line up to get free emergency radios at Giveaway