News – PH – Novavax Says Its Covid Vaccine Study In The US, Mexico, Is Fully Enrolled


Posted: 12:18 GMT, Dec. February 2021 | Updated: 18:10 GMT, 22 February 2021

Novavax completed registration for its late-stage COVID-19 vaccine study in the US and Mexico, and Nov.000 participants registered, the company announced on Monday

It brings the US one step closer to adding another vaccine to their arsenal, as Novavax has agreed to supply the nation with 100 million doses that the CEO said could be delivered by June if all goes well goes

Novavax’s shot is eagerly awaited after it was first shown to be highly effective against the more infectious B117 variant in the UK, despite a 50 percent decrease in effectiveness over the South African variant

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) advisory panel is preparing to discuss Thursday whether Johnson & Johnson’s COVID-19 vaccine should receive an emergency clearance

Approximately 13 percent of Americans have had one or more doses of currently available vaccines, but the limited supply is one of the factors preventing the rollout from going faster

Novavax now has 30000 people enrolled for its COVID-19 vaccine trials in the US and Mexico.It has 118 locations in both countries, including Washington state (image; file)

Novavax said last month its vaccine was 893 percent effective in preventing COVID-19 in a study conducted in the UK and almost as effective against the more highly contagious variant first discovered in the UK

Novavax has signed contracts to manufacture the two-shot vaccine, which is being tested in real time at multiple manufacturing sites across the European Union, including the Serum Institute of India

The company has enrolled volunteers aged 18 and over in the United States and Mexico as part of the study, which is sponsored by the U. Biomedical Agency for Advanced Research and Development (BARDA)

The company said that 20 percent, or 6000 of the study participants were Latinx, 13 percent or 3900 blacks and another 3900 65 years and older

Last year the company expected to enroll at least 15 percent black or African American

Novavax had previously announced that it would monitor participants in the US study for about six weeks before reviewing the results

However, the decreasing daily COVID-19 infections and transmission rates in the US could slow the process down as Novavax needs to see enough infections in its study to compare how many vaccinated and unvaccinated people were affected

It only took Pfizer about a month to complete the process from full registration to completion

At the end of the trial on Jan. However, November saw the US about 150 daily000 new COVID-19 cases

The 7-day moving average is now below half that According to the Johns Hopkins University, there are 69900 new infections reported

Experts are also concerned that participants will be tempted to abandon the Novavax trial, in which they have a 50/50 chance of getting a real (but experimental) shot as they are eligible to receive authorized vaccines from Moderna and get Pfizer

CEO Stanley Erck said last month that the company expects to produce 150 million cans per month by May or June

Novavax had also said it was working with the US Health Inspectorate to see if they could use UK and South Africa data for approval

It did not immediately respond to a Reuters request for comment on its schedule to find US Emergency permit

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News – PH – Novavax states that US, Mexico, Covid vaccine study is fully enrolled
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